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12th IMCA & 10th PAWC 2011
01 untill 04-09-2011 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

information: www.imca-pawc.imcanederland.nl

IMCA & PAWC Team 2011 of the Netherlands
( sadly not all of them on the photo )
IMCA 16 competitors with  16 dogs
PAWC 14 competitors with 23 dogs

For second time organised in the Netherlands, this time in the Jan Massink Sports Hall in Nijmegen,
a very big and nice Hall!

The weather was lovely all days and we could give a heartly welcome to competitors from:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Spain,  Switzerland, United Kingdom and of course a big team of the Netherlands, which also have won the Totall- Country Cup all results IMCA & PAWC 2012!

Judges of this year, left to right:

Dimitrie Vanblaere from Belgium, Peter Borsje and Werner  Rosseau, both Dutch judges.


All three have set up racy and challenging courses!

 The 10th Anniversery of ParAgility World Cup!

Competitors PAWC 2011 !

This year 77 taking part dogs for PAWC, a fantastic ascent every year of handlers with a disability who discover and enjoy this great agilitysport!

On the openings-ceremony was also present Martin Gaus
(founder of a lot of dogsports in the Netherlands)
He recieved from Susan Rekveld the special photo-book of the 10th Anniversary PAWC


 Honouring of the co-founders PAWC:
 Sandor Alt, Arpad Toth and Richard Manyik from Hongary


Next year Belgium will be the host-country for 13th IMCA & 11th PAWC 2012!


My own Report taking part into 10th PAWC 2011
(click on)



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