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13th IMCA & 11th PAWC 2012
 30-08 untill 02-09-2012 in Wieze, Belgium



closing-ceremony, after a wonderful  4-days Agility Event

For the first time host-country Belgium, in the October-Halls in Wieze.

This year competitors for IMCA & PAWC from: Germany, England, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Spain  Czech Republic, Switzerland and of course a hole team of Belgium!

PAWC team Denemarken

IMCA team Japan

PAWC team Rusland  
But also a hole team of Japan for IMCA and for PAWC  new countries Denmark and Russia!


Judges of the IMCA & PAWC 2012 were
( from left to right):

Roger van de Laarschot
(the Netherlands)
Walter Casier (Belgium)
David Hutchinson
(United Kingdom)

They have judged with a lot of enthusiasm, also IMCA as PAWC!

For this 11th PAWC  taking part 89  dogs from 15 different countries, many who have participated years before, but also a lot of new faces!
The number of handlers with a disability who entry for the PAWC is again this year increased!

Mickenson Delsink, the Youngest competitor Dutch team PAWC

Competitors of the
Dutch  PAWC Team:

Elvera Avenhuis-Jansen with dog hond Mliss
Rob Barelds  with dog Owen
Ben van den Bos with dog Falco
Jacqueline Brachwitz- Stoter with dog Roxy
Mickenson Delsink with dog Gwydion and Tico
Jeanne Demage with dogTommie
Yvonne Dozeman with dog Ynah
Jannie van Dijk with dog Max
Sharon Erenstein with dog Kyona and Jigsaw
Patricia Fuchs with dog Kyone and Evi
Jannie van Heuven-Kuiper  with dogCsardas
Resi Kompier  with dog Govert
Sarah van Leliveld with dog Sky
Joke Nagelkerken with dog Zizo
Susan Rekveld  with dog Joep and Joy
Elizabeth Sijmons  with dog Mats and Tjalle
Monique Slegtenhorst  with dog Fire and Mowin
Jeanette Wesselius with dog Fenna


Startlist Competitors PAWC 2012
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Courses  PAWC 2012
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Photo's of the Event make by Ian Watts on:


Next year Hungary will be the organising country ( for third time) for the 14th IMCA & 12th PAWC 2013 in Gyula!

information on their website:


My own Report taking part into 11th PAWC 2012
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