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14th IMCA & 12th PAWC 2013
5 untill 8 September 2013, Gyula, Hungary




video's: announcement IMCA&PAWC 2013
   openingsceremonie IMCA&PAWC 2013


IMCA & PAWC Team of the Netherlands, with the Dutch judges  Werner Rosseau and Rick Molenkamp (photo: Eerjan de Bruijn)


For the third time this Worldchampionship was organised in Gyula in Hungary by  Sandor Alt en Arpad Toth.

At all 17 countries had taken part into the IMCA & PAWC 2013:

Belgium, Canada, Chech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Brittain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Russia, Slowakia, Spain, Switzerland and of course a big team of the organising country Hungary.


Dutch Team PAWC 2013 with coach Gerry Barelds and ass.coach Verena Boom

For the Netherlands had entried for PAWC this year:

Jeanne Demage with Tommie
Yvonne Dozeman with Yuna
Jannie van Dijk with Max
Sharon Erestein with Jigsaw and Magic
Patricia Fuchs with Eibhleann and Kyona
Sarah van Leliveld with Sky
Gerard Velner with Kyra

Susan Rekveld had entried with her dogs Joep and Joy, but because of accident on 23-08-2013 she was staying in Hospital during the Event .

Totall we had 64 competitors, new one for PAWC this year:

Canada:               Sharon Palmer en Anne Weidemann
Finland:                Sari Kuusela-Huotari en Melja Ellonen
Hungary:              Janos Armos
Japan:                  Shizuka Kurita
the Netherlands:  Gerald Velner
Switzerland:         Beatrice Weiss

Courses PAWC 2013:

1th day JUMPING byJohn Gilbert ( Great Britain)

2th day AGILITY-01 by Rick Molenkamp (the Netherlands)

3th day  AGILITY-02 by Werner Rosseau (the Netherlands)


 IMCA & PAWC 2014:

04 untill 07-09-2014
15th IMCA & 13th PAWC, Voghera, Italy
(website soon)


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