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15th IMCA & 13th PAWC 2014
4 untill 7 September 2014, Voghera, Italy





 Dutch PAWC Team 2014  with coach Gerry Barelds and ass.coach Verena Boom


For the third time was organised this Worldchampionship in Italy, this year on the Cowboys Quest Ranch in Voghera.

At all 16 countries had taken part into the IMCA & PAWC 2014:

Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Brittain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, Slowakia, Spain, Switzerland and of course a big team of the organising country Italy


The Dutch PAWC Team for this year:

Yvonne Dozeman with Yuna
Jannie van Dijk with Max
Sharon Erestein with Jigsaw
Jeroen Koerkamp with Bo
Sarah van Leliveld with Sky
Susan Rekveld  with Joep and Joy
Margot Seifert with Skippe
Erik Stoeten with Chua
Gerard Velner with Kyra
Corine Westveer with Woezel


New competitors for PAWC this year:

Germany:    Christian Cockler
                     Harald Kaufer

U.K.             Angela Lucas
                    Frances Elliot
                    Milie Roberts
                    Amanda Smith
Finland:       Jukka Leppala
                     Marika Ruohonen

France   :     Marie Marquise
                     Michele Audouit
                     Chantal Charron 

Italiy:            Erika Vedovato
                    Stella Sala
                    Laura Flore Colombo
                    Antonella Giofre
                    Nicole Mazza

Austria     :   Gunther Muller

the Netherlands : Jeroen Koerkamp
                              Margot Seifert
                              Erik Stoeten
                              Corine Westveer

Switzerland:          Christina Vuilleumier
                              Claudia Jenni


Marc Sunders from U.K.  (1th  left)
Jean Pierre Cavicchioli from Italiy (2th left)
   Arpad Toth  from Hungary (right)

 IMCA & PAWC 2015:

27 untill  30 August 2015
16th IMCA  & 14th PAWC in Austria:

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