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16th IMCA & 14th PAWC 2015
27 untill 30 August  2015 in Traun, Austria






Dutch  IMCA & PAWC Team 2015 


For first time  as guest in Austria, in the very nice Sport Hall Haka Arena in Traun.

Total 17 countries who had taken part for IMCA & PAWC 2016: Belgium, Canada, Danmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia,  Slovenia, Slowakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland and of course a big team of Austria.



For the Netherlands this year the PAWC Team:

Rob Barelds with Xzena
Patricia Fuchs with Kyona and
Jeroen Koerkamp with Bo
Sarah van Leliveld with Sky
Susan Rekveld  with Joep and Joy
Margot Seifert with Skippe and Luna
Erik Stoeten with Chua and Graig
Gerard Velner wit Kyra
Caroline Vink with Viktor
Corine Westveer with Woezel and Morrey


New competitors for PAWC this year:

Germany :    Klaus-Dieter Wendt
                     Peter Hartung
                     Andrea Heintz
                     Sabine Mali
                     Doris Saller
                     Kerstin Weller

United Kingdom:    Julie Chapman
                                Linda Crowford
                                Faith Whiteley
Finland:        Outi Huuskonen
                     Rauno Virta

France  :      Cedric Capitain
                     David Vanwienendael

Hungary  :    Viktoria Gulyas


Italy:             Arianna Bertolini


Austria:        Holger Bonisch
                     Pamela Herold
                     Ulli Simperler
                     Christian Sturmberger

the Netherlands:  Caroline Vink


Czech Republic:  Hana Lochovska


Judges IMCA & PAWC 2015:

left Eduard  Meisel (Austria) , in front Arnaldo Benini ( Italy) and right Szabo Istvan ( Hungary)


17th IMCA & 15th PAWC 2016
25-08 until  28-08-2016
Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic


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