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18th IMCA & 16th PAWC 2017
24 until 27 August  2017 in Tattendorf, Austria


Totall 15 countries with more then 250 teams for IMCA and PAWC from: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, FRance, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Slowakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands ans of course of Austria.


Judges for IMCA & PAWC  2017:
from left to right:: Michael Meisel (Austria), Arnaldo Benini (Italy), Paul Hinchley (England), Eduard Meisel  (Austria)


 PAWC Team the Netherlands 2017:

Yvonne Dozeman with Yunah & Kailay

Sharon Erenstein with Taboo & Jigsaw

Sarah van leliveld with Sky

Jeroen Koerman with Bo & Finn

Susan Rekveld with Joy

Margot Seifert with Luna & Quinto

Erik Stoeten with  Craig & Chu's

Corina Westveer with Morrey

Caroline Vink with Viktor

Teamleader: Verena Boom
Coach: Nienke Dennenberg



IMCA & PAWC 2018 in Huntingdon, England
23 until 26 August 2018


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