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20th IMCA & 18th PAWC 2019




For all competitors IMCA & PAWC a long journey to the sunny Silla, Valencia in Spain!


Competitors  for the 20th IMCA & 18th PAWC of the countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,Zweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the organising country Spain and of course a team of the Netherlands for IMCA and for PAWC Caroline Vink with her dog Oscar and Susan Rekveld with her dogs Joy and Jett.



Nederlands IMCA & PAWC team 2019


Judges for the  IMCA & PAWC 2019
 Walter Casier (Belgium) , Christian Oggioni (Italy) en Pedro Simarro (Spain)


Transmission of the flags  IMCA & PAWC  to Switzerland, the organising country for 2020!!




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