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The 1e ParAgility World Cup took place on 6, 7 and 8 September 2002 in Gyula, Hungary together with the 3e International Mix and Breed Championship Agility (IMCA).These worldcups were organised by: Gyulai Kutyás Agility Szabadidősport Klub and the 1e ParAgility World Cup was set up by mister Sándor Alt.
I represented the Netherlands in an electric wheelchair together with my dog Quita.When I first heard about this world championship I was very enthusiast. I start trying to find competitors and I send hundreds of e-mails to dog trainingschools and relevant organizations. It was not an easy task to find enough competitors but just a few weeks before the competition was to start I managed to have 10 handlers and 11 dogs willing to participate.


Competitors 1e PAWC  2002 together with judge Carool Dielen


The following competitors entered this World Cup:


Andrea Bracciali 
(walking disability) from Italy
Lynn Deerling
(electric wheelchair) from USA
Juan Gramage
(regular wheelchair) from Spain
Eva-Maria Hauer 
(spastic) from Austria
Jitka Lebedova 
(poor vision) from Czech Republic
Agnes Magayry 
(electric wheelchair) from Hungary
Richárd Mányik 
(regular wheelchair) from Hungary
Susan Rekveld
(electric wheelchair) from the Netherlands
Sara Tagliatie 
(walking disability) from Italy
Dragan Zegerac 
(partially paralyzed) from Slovenia


The first time we met each other was at the training in Hungary and this was a very impressive experience. Now we were actually able to see how every handler with his or her specific disability and their dog companions trained agility.We would be able to show the world that even for people with a disability it is possible to participate in such an event and have a lot of fun with our dogs.The respect and support we received from our group as Para- agility competitors as well as from the competitors from IMCA was great.

 Quita on the 1e PAWC

My dog Quita and I became World Champion in the category large (8 competitors).
It is a wonderful feeling, but far more important to me is the recognition of the ParAgility World Cup.The assurance that we will have a second  ParAgility World Cup together with the fourth  IMCA  2003  in Spain that is for me the biggest prize we have won!

Courses PAWC 2002

A warm welcome at home!

Homage from the alderman of sports of the city Amersfoort
( by dogshool K.C.Zoys)


Winners Total Results 2nd ParAgility World Cup 2004:

  nr.1                                                                      nr. 2

  Juan Gramage & Mora ( Spain)                   Lynn Deering & Fly ( U.S.A.)

  nr. 1
Sara Tagliatí & Kelly (Italy)

   nr. 1                                                      nr. 2                                                                 nr.3
  Susan Rekveld & Quita                   Jitka Lebodova & Harry                             Dragan Zegerac & Sana
  (the Netherlands)                               (Czech Republic)                                        (Slovenia)



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