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6e  IMCA & 4e PAWC 2005!


The 6th IMCA & 4th PAWC were held from the 20th until the 23rd of October 2005 in Celle Liquere in North Italy.
Again a great sportsmanlike agility event for able handlers (IMCA) and disabled handlers (PAWC).
In total 170 competitors.

Through injuries with either the dogs or the handlers this year, there were not as many entries as the proceeding years. In total 13 handlers with 14 dogs.
This also included Susan Rekveld with her dog Quita from the Netherlands.

We hope that many of those who were unable to participate this year will be present at the 6th IMCA & 5th PAWC in the Netherlands.

competitors  4e ParAgility World Cup 2005.


Parkoersen 4th PAWC 2005

  Total Results of the 4e ParAgility World Cup 2005 :

  group 1:
1e place                           2e place                                    

Agnes Magyary                     Alex Grimus
with Durmy ( Hungary)           with Nelson ( Austria )

   group 2:
1e place                            2e place                                       3e place

 Richŕrd Mŕnyik                   Juan Gramage                             Adelheid Hnat
 with Filip (Hungary )            with Mora ( Spain )                      with Meyra ( Austria )

 group 3:
 1e place                                     2e place                                     3e place

 Marie Pangrácová                      Adriano Pogliano                       Nancy Basilico
 with Rek ( Czech Republic )       with Thomas ( Italy )                   with Fly ( Italy )

 group 4 :
 1e place                              2e place                               3e place

 Michael Ossimitz                Heinz-Dieter Zeizinger        Wolfgang Zangger
 with Merlin ( Austria )          with Strolchi ( Austria )        with Balu ( Austria )


IMCA team 2005 the Netherlands


The Dutch competitors did extremely well at the 6th IMCA 2005.
The results are as follows:

  1e place medium                              2e place small                          2e place large

   Sharon Broeders with Filan             Natasja Kelders with Djoura     Rob Peen with Twister  


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