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7e  IMCA & 5e PAWC 2006!


The 7e IMCA & 5e PAWC was organised from 31-08 until 03-09-2006 in  Sports Hall  Zielhorst in Amersfoort. A very sportif agility Event for  valid handlers ( IMCA) and handlers with a disability (PAWC).

We are very proud, for the first time the Netherlands was the host for this Event!

This year nearly 200 competitors and their coaches from 15 countries.
New teams from Belgium, Ukraine and United Kingdom, also a competitor from japan!
All other Teams came from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romenia, Slovenia, Spain, Switserland and of course a  team from the Netherlands.


         competitors  5e ParAgility World Cup 2006

For the Netherlands  6 competitors of the 5e PAWC together with 9 dogs:
Elvera Avenhuis-Jansen with Manchu
Jolanda Bikkel with Jasper
Marieke Dijkman with Isca and Phila
Corry van Valkenburg with Yordy
Jeannette Vring with Tammy and Woody
and my self  with my dogs  Quita and Joep

This year altogether 29 competitors PAWC, a lot of competitors of preciding years, but also new faces!

photos competitors 5e PAWC 2006


The number of handlers with a disability is growing, every year we can give a hearty welcome to new participants. More handlers with a disability have fun by practize agility!
At this moments more handlers with a disability have started  the training of agility ( the Netherlands,
Switserland and Japan), next year  we expect more entries!

It's very good to see how all competitors PAWC on their own way walk ;-))....the courses with their dog and have a lot of fun,  both of them!
Also making contact with handlers just like you gives a great appreciation.

Most of the handlers take part into agility-matches for valid handlers in their own country  and that's not always easy! On the PAWC we all have a limitation.

Courses 5th PAWC 2006

Total Results 5e ParAgility World Cup 2006 :

  group 1:

1e  Susan Rekveld with Joep ( the Netherlands)
2e Alexander Grimus with Nelson ( Austria)
3e  Susan Rekveld with Quita ( the Netherlands)

   group 2:


1e  Richárd Mányik with Philip ( Hungary)
2e Zsolt Maczuca with Tádé ( Hungary)
3e Juan Gramage with Mora ( Spain)


group 3:

 1e Marie Pangrácová with Rex ( Czech Republic)
2e Pirkko Riekki with Nucca ( Finland)
3e Andreas Nagel with Jacky ( Germany)


 group 4 :

1e Heinz-Dieter Zeizinger with Strolchi ( Austria)
2e Marieke Dijkman with  Phila ( the Netherlands)
3e Jolanda Bikkel with Jasper ( the Netherlands)



Total Results IMCA Team of the Netherlands:    


1e place small                                   1e place large                           3e place medium                                               
Natasja Kelders with  Djoura        Rob Peen with Twister          Marjo Thijssen with Sep 

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