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9e  IMCA & 7e PAWC 2008!




The 9e IMCA & 7e PAWC was organised from 28 untill 31 August in Voghera in Italy.
A great sporting Agility Event for valid handlers ( IMCA) and handlers with a disability ( PAWC) .

This year a  very special location, not a Sport Hall like usually, but a Ranch, The Cowboys Guest Ranch(www.cowboys.it)  with a floor of sand.

Competitors PAWC 2008

For the competiton IMCA more then 150 competitors and their dogs from 14 countries.
Countries who have take part before like: Belgium, Danmark, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Czech republic, United Kingdom and of course a team of the Netherlands with 15 competitors.
For the first time we have give a heartly welcome to a competitor of the Republic of San Marino( Italy).



Judges for IMCA and PAWC: Arnaldo Benini from Italy and Arpád Tóth from Hungary who assayed the courses with experience  and enthusiasm!

Judge  Arnaldo Benini  with Nik Polak and his dog Via  (PAWC Austria)

Judge Arpád Tóth  with Robbert Jan Barelds and his dog Kyra from the Netherlands,
one of the youngest competitor  PAWC 2008


This year for PAWC 29 handlers with 35  taking part dogs from the countries: Austria, Belgium,
Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switserland and of course the Netherlands,
this year with 6 competitors and 9 dogs.

( photo: www.blazer-amber.nl)
PAWC Team the Netherlands from  left to right:
Monique Slegtenhorst,  Elvera Avenhuis, Susan Rekveld, Patricia Fuchs

infront:  Robbert-Jan Barelds and Kirsten Hanekamp

Patricia Ale with her dog Gini from Hungary, also a very young competitor PAWC 2008,
running the courses by companion of her father.


Bruno Menoncelle with his dog  Sun, competitor PAWC 2008 from France.
Bruno is complete blind and had to run the courses with an assistant.




RESULTS 7e ParAgility World Cup 2008


 Totall Results  PAWC

Group 1:
1e Susan Rekveld & Quita  (the Netherlands)
2e Aurélie & Arko (Switserland)
3e Patricia Fuchs & Kyona (the Netherlands)


Group 2:
1e Zsolt Maczucza & Tádé (Hungary)
2e Richárd  Mányik & Oszkár (Hungary)
3e Wolfgang Zangger & Palu (Austria)


Group 3:
1e Anne Chanez & Speedy (Switserland)
2e Katrin Staub & Trinity (Germany)
3e Raúl Lizana & El Hechizo Unica (Spain)


Group 4:
1e Franz Kaltenböck & Ferro (Austria)
2e Robbert Jan barelds & Kyra (the Netherlands)
3e Eddy Daisomont & Anka (Belgium)


Group 5:
1e René Gabriel & Snoopy (Czech Republic)
2e Edvika Rychnovská & Miky (Czech Republic)
3e  Monique Slegtenhorst & Shanti (the Netherlands)


Podium Places IMCA Team the Netherlands

Ietje Postma & Willow ( photo: Rein Jansen)

Small:     Ietje Postma & Willow  1e place VP
Medium: Diana van Bree & Kinkajou 2e place VP
Small:     Anouk Herijgers & Mickey 1e place Jumping
Large:     Cathy Mc Donald & Zipper 3e place Jumping

Total Results Individual:
Large :   Cathy Mc Donald & Zipper 2e place
              Jurjen Nieboer & Chap 3e place
Team Jumping:

Small     1e place
Medium 1e place
Large     3e place

Total Results Team:
Small 2e place

Dutch Team  IMCA & PAWC 1e place  Country-Cup 2008


 My own Report on: Reports matches/ demonstrations 


Susan Rekveld ( 20-09-08)


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