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10th IMCA & 8th PAWC 2009

03-09-09 untill 06-09-09 in Gyula, Hungary

Information 10th IMCA & 8th PAWC 2009: http://imca-pawc-2009.fw.hu

A special year,  jubilee for the International Mix & Breed Championship Agility (IMCA) started in 2000
for the first time organised in Czech Republic, now for the tenth time in Hungary!

Together 200 competitors from Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Austria, Romania, Slowakia, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switserland and of course a hole team of the Netherlands.

Announced, but not take part competitors of Slovenia and Polen.

The judges for this Championship:

Rick Molenkamp from the Netherlands, Arnaldo Benini from Italy and from United Kingdom John Gilbert with a lot of experience of agility, he's one of the erectors of the agility-sport. We know them all from years before.

from left to right: Rick Molenkamp - John Gilbert-  Arnaldo Benini 

This year 49 competitors for the 8th ParAgility World Cup (PAWC), a strenght grow with regard to the start in 2002 with 11 taking part dogs.

For the first time a hole Team  from Israel for IMCA and PAWC.
For PAWC 8 competitors with a disability mental, a new group of disability we have accepted.

List Competitors  8e PAWC 2009 (click on)

Photos Competitors on page Competitors PAWC (click on)

Courses for the competiton PAWC always two times an agility and once a jumping.
Each day one course to run and every day judges by another judge, so even the competitors PAWC have to run different courses.

Courses  PAWC 2009  (click on)


Sharon Erenstein with her dog  Dusty

For the Netherlands: Sharon Erenstein with her dogs Tosca and Dusty, their first taking part into the PAWC!
Patricia Fuchs with Kyona and Mei-Li and Susan Rekveld with her two Labrador Retrievers Quita and Joep.

Results all over:
Group 1 Susan  with her dog Quita 2th place and Joep 4th place. Patricia  with her dog Kyona 3th place and Mei-Li 5e place.
Sharon in group 4 with her dog Dusty 4e place and Tosca  6th place.

Competitors of the Dutch IMCA-Team:


Roger vd Laarschot met Troy
Anouk Herijgers met MIckey
Fen vd Kruit met Dropje
Henk Postma met Dolly
Ietje Postma met Willow


Yvonne Clement met Twix
Diane van Bree met Kinkajou
Henk Postma met AC DC
Ron Jagt met Willow
Marlous Grendel met Fee


Marcel Verbruggen met Kira
Jurjen Nieboer met Chap
Tanja Wiersma met Cyanda
Patrick Slokkers met Skip
Patrick Tunders met Mexx

Marcel starting with Kira

Marcel Verbruggen had run with his dog Kira two very quick and clear courses, so he win on the platform the first place individual all over of category large!l
Congratulations.....a dutch Worldchampion!

On the team-competition the dutch team small and medium obtained both a 3th place.



www.imca-pawc-suisse.ch (only Germans)

http://www.ladgins.ch/lang1/ ( english and dutch, choose IMCA/PAWC)


The 11th IMCA & 9th PAWC 2010 will be held from 2 untill 5 September in Fräschels, Switserland.
They are working on the website. Contactpersons are: Jeannette Velzet (jeannette.v@gmx.net)
                                                                                        Andreas Kamer (kamer.andreas@bluewin.ch )
Website of the Sports Hall : www.rundumhund.ch


My own report on page: Report 8e PAWC 2009  (click on)


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