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11th IMCA & 9th PAWC 2010

01-09-10 untill 04-09-10 in Fräschels, Switzerland

Information 11th IMCA & 9th PAWC 2010: www.ladgins.ch

For the first time Switzerland was organising with more then 200 competitors from the countries: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Republice San Marino, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switserland and of course a big team of the Netherlands.

Judges for this year:

Max Heiniger (4th of the leftside) from Switzerland and Peter Borsje of the Netherlands ( 2th of the leftside) and Dimitri Vanblaere of Belgium ( 2th of the rightside).

All with beautiful and  exciting courses to run for IMCA and PAWC competiton.

For the ParAgility World Cup this year 53 competitors, which  a lot of competitors known of years  before, but also new entries.

List Competitors PAWC 2010 
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Dutch Team IMCA & PAWC 2010

This year a price for the best Totall-Results PAWC which Switzerland had won.
The price best Totall-Result of IMCA went to Italy.

Next year the 12th IMCA & 10th PAWC 2011 will be organised in the Netherlands!
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My own Report taking part into 9th PAWC 2010
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