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The dog runs a course together with his handler. The course comprises of around 20 obstacles, consisting of the following.
The judge designs the course and deduces the time needed to complete the course by the total amout of meters that has to be covered by the dog. There are different types of courses:
Agility:        consisting of all the available obstacles.
Jumping:     cinsisting of all obstacles, except the contacts.
Fun course: usually a gambling or time/fault/out.

For each course the judge decides two different times:
SCT  ( Standard Course Time)
MCT ( Maximum Course Time)
The course time starts when the dog takes the first jump and ends when the dog crosses the last obstacle. For an agility course, the course time will vary according to the level of the class. The aim is to complete the course within the SCT, if the MCT is exceded this results is an elimination. 
A clear round takes precedence over a round with faultes. Every fault that the dog makes, results in a penalty of 5 seconds added to your time needed to complete the course. The faults that can be made are: a refusel, missed contact or knocking a pole off a jump.
Before the dog and handler run the course, the handler has to walk the course, this enables the handler to judge the distance and method of handling needed to work the dog.


European( FCI) 
Small:        dogs measuring less than 35 cm
Medium:    dogs measuring above 35 cm and less than 43 cm
Large:        dogs measuring above 43 cm and more

All these groups run different courses. The height of the obstacles and the distance between the obstacles are specified by the FCI. The UK ans USA have there own specifications. Every European country have there promotion and degregation system. In the Netherlands there are 4 classes:

A:   Starters
B1:  Novice and Intermediate
B2:  Seniors
C:   Advanced

When first entering a agility show the dog stars in the level A, to promote from this class the dog must complete the course within the SCT with a minimum of one fault. In doing so he recieves an "excellent" result and after recieving 3 of these results is now elligable to compete in the B1 level. In the following classes there is a system awarding points for results and at the end of each competition season the balance is made up and the dog is degredated or promoted.

To be elligable to enter your dog in an agility show one must be a member of an agility school registered with the dutch kennel club. The dog must be 18 months old and in a good physical condition.

The main aim is that the dog and handler have fun while training and competing in agility!


Obstacles with contact:



See- saw















Others obstacles:


Weaving poles

Tube  tunnel


Flat  tunnel


Long jump

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