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RIDDER in de

friday 25 april 2008

You know nothing about, only some people around you and they have to hold one's tongue untill the moment is there .................so I was real surprised;-)
My husband Leon knows about only 4 weeks before!

The request for this award is started on 21-06-07 by my brother Edwin and my daughter Leonie.
They need some letters of recommendations of my  volunteer-works  with a minium of 20 years  serried.Then they send these to the father and aldermans of the city Amersfoort, where I live.

Next the request went to the commissioner of the queen, further to the  ministry and at last to the queen of the Netherlands, although I believe she will not read all those request ;-)

At the same time they also have given notice of my activity para-agility national and international and the organising of the IMCA & PAWC 2006 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

For this last activity I have recieved this award and I'm very proud about!

The presentation of the awards was organised on a very nice conference-location named by : The Cloister in Amersfoort.
A very nice place decorated with flags and a lot of orange flowers.....and the sun was shining!



It was a very official programm and my brothers and sisters, parents and my daughter Leonie with her friend Rudi was also there. Total 21 people from Amersfoort (of which 5 from Hoogland the part I also live) who have recieved the award and a lovely bouquet of orange roses from the father of Amersfoort  Ms. Albertine van Vliet-Kuiper in name of the Queen of the Netherlands.

 Even 11 children obtain an order of knighthood for special activity from the city Amersfoort.

When I'm honest........I haven't hear everything of the speech of the father of the city.....my emotions was to much! Later I have claim the speech ;-)

Speech of the father of the city  (dutch)

Of course at home a bottle of champagne..we have to celebrate!!
Not all my brothers and sister could stay, because they have to go back to work. Later we have make a little party with all together!

The medal you cann't wear anytime, only by special opportunity official.
I put him between the cups in my price-cabinet!
You also became a little medal and this one I can wear many times ;-)

Always my husband Leon go with me, without his great help I cann't realise my activity para-agility.
I think ít's an award for both of us!!

Para-agility...........what a  dogsport can do ..........and change your live ;-)
I hope I can be active a long time more with para-agility...and encouraged people with a disability to start practice agility and have fun together their dog ;-)




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