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CINDY  (15-10-1991 / 13-07-2004)

Cindy,  a female black Labrador Retriever, born 15 October 1991.
She joined our family at the end of December 1991, 8 weeks old.
I started her agility training when she was 5 years old. In 1998 she obtained her first "Excellent" qualification. Later we switched to the veteran category, which we continued until the end of 1999.
In 1997 she managed to obtain her official obedience certificate first level and was ready to take her examination for obedience certificate second level but unfortunately that was prohibited because of the outbreak of Mouth and Foot disease.
Due to her health problems (arthritis) she was no longer able to join competitions and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.
A dog with a wonderful character, you could always find her close near to me!
She died on 13-07-04 after a tumour. Till the last moment she has worked like a servicedog!
She will also keep a special place in our heart!!

all those training makes you tired : -)

   Cindy working as assistence-dog in a shop.....
giving me a packet of meat




                                Cindy and Quita   

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