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The Cover of Joep was Succesfull!

The rest of the  pups:

On Sunday had choosen Serge Gaus of the dogschool Martin Gaus of Lelystad ( www.mgh-lelystad.nl ) the male with the blue collar..that had given me a very good feeling, this one was my second choice! He will also be trained for servicedog! His name: Zorro!

Later this week the bitch with the green collar is been sold to Ellen Feiken who have already a dog out of the breed-line of Joep and a dog out of the breed-line of Simply...so she was very enthousiast of this combination. She will go train hunting and obedience! Her name: Shanti!

On sunday 1 August Debby Spoelman had taken with her the bitch with the black colar, also she will be trained as servicedogs by the dogschool St. Servicedogs ( www.servicedogs.nl ).
Her name: Fayth

Four of the six pups will go to be trained as servicedog (assistance-dog)....a very nice result of this litter ;-)

08-07-2010   The hole litter visit our home in Hoogland!

What a very nice day, perhaps a little to warm, but with some wather for the dogs  they had fun enough..........also with the little tube!

Nice to see how the pups play together, have fun together...we also ;-)

Also Maaike Veerkamp had choosen her pup, the one with the orange collar. She will be trained for servicedogs by the organisation Bulters & Mekke in Assendelft ( www.bultersmekke.nl ).

Joy was staying with us, but all others went again back to Zeeland....that was not easy ;-(

time to eat  (they like it..........Eukanuba)

all together trough  the tube


We visit again Ooltgensplaat in Zeeland, to see the pups!

To make a choice which pup will stay later at our home was not easy.....all pups look very close qua character !

They are all friendly, free, like to play, enterprising and very directed to people...................what do you like more ;-)  

Our choice.....the  bitch with the purple collar, her name will be:  Joy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Do4wFybAI (deel 1)
(click on for video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrIZPF_hLNg  (deel 2)
(click on for video)


This will be the last visit before we have to decided which one will stay with us...very  exciting!

Now you can see each one have his/her own  nature! They are all very friendly, like people and walk very free!
They do not recoil for anything!

They eat very enthousiast their food and drink out of a cisten if they have never do another way before ;-)

(click on for video)


Again we have visited the pups on 20-06-2010

They are grown very much and have a lot of fun together, also with the three Chihuahua pups of Katja.

(click on for video)


Second visit to the pups on 11 Juni.

They  grow very fast, eyes and ears open and they can walk a little!
For the first time they get  porridge to eat...they like it ;-)

(click on for video)


First visit to the pups, what a very nice litter!
Their eyes and ears are still closed, but the end of this week they will be open!

The drink very good and grow fast!


Pups are born on Monday 24-05-2010, everything okay!
4 bitches, 2 males!




On  25 March 2010 Joep had covered the bitch Simply.
Simply is a lovely, with  zest for working and also certificated  tracker dog of narcotica!
More information about her on: www.kenneldutchtrackerdogs.nl

On  28-04-2010 there's make an echo and they have seen 7 pups, so we are real pregnant!
Birthday will be about the 27 of  May. Of this litter we will choose a new dog, so half July we will  have a new puppy at home...so again a lot of work ;-(

Also at this moment reservation for a puppy by:

- Martin Gaus servicedogschool, Lelystad ( www.mgh-lelystad.nl )


Information Joep

ED: vrij
Ogentest: vrij

Stamboom (zie onder)

Information Simple

ED: vrij
Ogentest: vrij

Stamboom: http://www.kenneldutchtrackerdogs.nl/simply.htm

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