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11-12-2016      Jingle Bells Dog Event, KC Pampus , Almere  (www.kcpampus.nl)


They had asked us to give demonstration para-agility and as assistance-dog on their first Jingle Bells Dog Event  on the club  KC Pampus, organised for their 35 years exist!

A very big and nice organised event with free workshops and readings to do and a lot of nice and interesting shops.

Even for all members of this club and all helpers of this day a winter-BBQ at the end of the day!


Joy showed how she can work as assistance-dog very nice, even when there was an agility-course close near her ;-)
There she could run at the end of the day and showed again that also a assistance-dog can enjoy agility-sport!

Also Jett showed a few parts of the demonstration assistancedogs and I was very proud of this young dog of 7 months old yet ;-)
Even for her a little demonstration para-agility...just to stay for a jump ( with the board on the ground) and wait for the command to go througt the tunnel....just a start of the agility-training!

She likes both to do, that's the most important!!




24-25 en 26 juni 2016             
Country Fair, Aalten
( www.countryfair.nl )

Even this yea Mario Lehtonen and I have organised the demonstraties in the Dog-Ring on the 21th Country Fair in Aalten.

A great Fair with a 400 stands, a few nice Rings with a lot of wonderful and spectacular demonstratiosn on three days long with normal more then 35.000 visitors.

This year a horrible start....first day have to be cancelled because the hole field was flood ;-(

But...with great help of a lot of  co-workers, exhibitors, equipment to remove the wather, a lot of bales of strow the organisation have succeed to make it possible to open the Fair for saterdag and sunday...I had a lot of respect for this!!

Joep had given demonstrations assistence-dog and Joy para-agility.


we arrived in Aalten.....


more wather as this was not possible ;-(

 a lot of work to do

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