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27 & 28-11-2010
Winner Show, Amsterdam


The organisation of the meanwhile 121 th Winner Show, being hold in the congress-building R.A.I. in Amsterdam, have asked us to give demonstrations.
The Winner Show is the oldest and largest dog show of the Netherlands.
Participants from more than 35 countries and 283 dog breeds!!
We have given demonstrations para-agility and servicedogs, both days in the ring of honor and the ring in front.
Always very nice to work on such a big show, with a large public!

Joep took care of the demonstrations servicedog, with some little extra help of Joy (my youngest dog, just 6 months old) who have showed to apport a keychain.

The demonstrations para-agility  was attended by Quita, Joep and Joy.
As last part we have connected two tunnels and one flat-tunnel.
Also Joy was passing with a lot of enthusiasm ;-)

(click on for video)

Fayth in action on her 1th workshop agility

6 & 7-11-2010 Hobby and Leisure Show, Leeuwarden (www.hobby-wtcexpo.nl)
article on website: http://www.hobby.wtcexpo.nl/page.php?nodeId=163

They have asked us to give demonstrations para-agility and servicedogs on the Hobby & Leisure Show in the WTC-Expo Hal in Leeuwarden on saterday and sunday.

A sister of Joy, Fayth lives in Leeuwarden and she and her owners game to the stand of Servicedogs to give enthousiast help.

Fayth became her first agility workshop and give later, together with Joy, a demonstration para-agility what was very beloved by the public!

23 & 24-10-2010 Show Utrecht

Also this year the organisation of the Show in Utrecht have asked us to give demonstration  servicedogs and para-agility together the group agility handlers of the dogshool URV conducted  by Wil Lutters.

Melissa gives help to throw a little  coin on the ground, which Joep would pick up later!

9 & 10 October 2010, IJsselshow, Zwolle

Once again the organisation of the IJsselshow have asked us to give demonstrations servicedog and para-agility.

On this show always a very interesting programm with all kind of demonstrations the hole day.

Because it was the jubilee of ten years, they had a special demonstration of predatory birds by Jannie and Gerrit Zandvoort van Valkerij Rijssen (www.valkerijrijssen.nl).
They have asked me to fly into my arm Harly, a white-tailed eagle. For the first time very  exciting, but also very  impressive!

Also Joy have given a demonstration into the tunnel and flat-tunnel!

first a little getting acquainted with Harly
before the show started.


19 September 2010 Dorpsfeest Hoogland, Amersfoort

From 16 untill 19 September was organised for the 19th time the Dorpsfeest Hoogland, in the big town-park " Schothorst" in Amersfoort.

A big  Horse-Event, but also a lot of information/ demonstrations all sorts of sunjects.
We have given demonstraties para-agility and servicedogs and after this  there was the possibility for visitors with their dog to practical agility, they  make use of greedy!

For my young dog Joy, she was just 4 months old, it was her first demonstration para-agility.

She have taken spontaneous the tube and the flat-tube, for the visitors very nice to see how such a young dog works with a lot of fun!

Joep working as servicedog for a lot of visitors

Quita running an agility-course with a lot of fun!

25-26 & 27 juni 2010 Country Fair, Aalten

25,26 en 27 juni  we were present with a stand, as promotion-team para-agility, together 
St. Servicedogs ( www.servicedogs.nl )  on the event Country-Fair in Aalten.
A very big event of horse-sports but even a lot of attention for dogsports!
Also a lot of information- and salestands with all kinds of themes.

Joep had given all three days demonstrations as a assistancedog and together Quita demonstrations para-agility, looked with a lot of interest from the visitors. 

Team St. Servicedogs

Joep picking up a smoked sausage

12 & 19-06-2010 St. Hulphond, Herpen (www.hulphond.nl)


The foundation St. Hulphond (a training-school for servicedogs) have invited us to give demonstration para-agility for clients and volunteers of this foundation.

The waether was very sunny and they look to the demonstrations with a lot of interest. 

After the demonstration we have given everybody with
their dog the possibility to get acquainted with agility by accompaniment of one of us.

A lot of fun for the dogs and their owners!



24 May 2010 Achterhoekse Paardendagen, Zelhem

The organisation of a big 4- days International Event of Horse-Sports have invited us to give demonstration service-dog and also para-agility.
A good organised Event and because the weather was sunny it is was very succesfull for the big number of visitors!

Also demonstrations  treibbal (football for dogs) and pushball by Hélène de Fremery (www.pushball.nl), a football with horses, very impressive, sure with the big ball.

Even demonstratiosn with Quads, who at the end of the demo pushball came back into the ring and play football together the horses....great to see that this was possible!

link to article in the Gelderlander 15-05-2010

25 April 2010 "Walk with your dog", Bussloo

On the recreation-area Bussloo was organised on sunday  25 April the " Walk with your dog" with proceeds for " St. Hulphond ".

Just like last year we have worked together the group of demonstration agility of the  Alphense Dogshool of Alphen a/d Rijn.

21 April 2010
Child- Farm De Maten, Apeldoorn

Together a trainster of St. Personal Servicedogs, Tina Prins, I went to the child-farm " De Maten" in Apeldoorn.  We go to give demonstration servicedog and also para-agility to a special group, named " ECO-group" (children on the age of 8 untill 12 years) who come together every wednesday to study someting about the scenery and animals, by accompaniment of Marieke Konings.

Very enthousiast they lissen to our explain how to associate with dogs, and how dogs can give help in many different ways!

16,17 & 18 April 2010 Animal Event, Hilvarenbeek

A big Event about dog- and horsesports and also  attention for other little domestic animals.

A lot of well-known people had given demonstration like: Ellen & Serge van de Zweep and  Mike van de Most, who had given demonstration drift with their Border Collies on sheeps, gooses and ducks.

Also Birgitte van Gestel who can show how to work with your dogs on doggy-dance, by a very special way!

Katja Slippens had given a very nice demonstration agility on high level! 

We had given demonstration para-agility and also servicedogs. A great experience to do on such a big Event!

The weather was very good, so a lot of visitors......about 27.000 ! 

Links with information about us on the website of Animal-Event ( sorry, only dutch)



Joep  put out my hand-brache

20 & 21 maart 2010 Show Leiden, Hazerswoude

By dogshool  Rijnland werd op 20 and 21 March organised an International Dogshow on the  Hal Plantarium in Hazerswoude.
They had also given demonstration obedience and agility.They had asked me to give demonstration serviocedogs with my young dog Joep and para-agility with both dogs Quita and Joep.

For us the second time, so good to meet again a lot of friends  practice dogsports!

6 & 7 March 2010 MartiniDogShow, Groningen

By the Noorder Kynologen Club was organised on 6 & 7 March 2010 the 50th  MartiniDogShow on the Martiniplaza Hal, Groningen.

An International Dogshow with about 2500 participating dogs from a lot of different countries.
They had invited  us to give demonstration para-agility and servicedogs.

Everytime very nice to see how my young dog Joep first give demonstration as servicedog and successively very enthousiast runs his agility-course!

Even demonstrations of other dogsports like frisbee by the group "discoverfrisbee'
(www.discoverfrisbee.nl), doggy-dance by the group  "close to dogs" (www.closetodogs.nl) and  rally-o, a new  obedience-sport (www.rally-o.nl).

A very sociable weekend, good organised and co-operation!

Demonstration Joep as servicedog
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETEmRfexRpk  (notice)
(click on for video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXHrUJGzcik  (demonstration)
(click on for video)


  group 4 with the dog of teacher Marian

04-02-2010 De Weerklank, Alphen a/d Rijn

On  thursday 4 Februari we drove very early direction Alphen aan de Rijn to give demonstrations service-dog and para-agility.

Demonstration servicedog with Joep and para-agility with both, Quita and Joep.


We were quest on basicschool  " The Weerklank" a special school for children with bad  hearing and speech-problems (www.deweerklank.nl).

The demonstration servicedog was being held for group 4 of the school. At this moment they were working on a project about dogs and in the class-room they have make a real dog-museum.

At the end of the demonstration there was opportunity for the children to ask questions and they had a lot of nice and  clear one. They have prepared very good!

Even they want to measure the tail of Joep and  want to feel the thickness !


Just before the lunch  we go out and on a little  grass-field we have build a little course.

We were lucky about the weather, it was not raining! The ground was muddy after a vew weeks of snow, but I could drive and show some para-agility.

The flat-tunnel at the end of the course is always succesfull, the children like it very much when the dogs came out this tunnel very fast!

All groups came out to see this demonstration and for closing they could  stroke the dogs and give them some hugs if they like!

Everytime it's very good to see if some children who are very affraid of a dog, stroke them at the end!

I have recieved a very nice little book with pictures maked by the children of group 4  and a photo of the group! Thanks again!!

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