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Joy giving demonstration  para-agility

Erkemederhondendag, Zeewolde (www.erkemederhondendag.nl)

For the 5th time was organised this wonderful Dog-Event on the Erkemeder-beach in Zeewolde.
More then 100  stalls with information and nice articles.

But the weather was very bad, it started raining at 11.00 untill 13.00, at that time we could give our first demonstrations para-agility and servicedog. A lot of stalls were already closed by this stormy
weather ;-(

 Not easy for my dogs to give demonstration servicedogs first between all obstacles of agility...but they do it every time again ;-)


some-one of the visitors  pitches a coin on the lawn and Joep will pick it up

more information on: www.doktersnuffel.nl

Mandy  working with dog and child

This year also present Mandy van Laar (dog-counselor) and Lieneke Gijsbertsen (physiotherapist) who had given demonstrations therapie for children with dogs....very interesting!

Even a stall with information of the Dog school Servicedogs
( www.servicedogs.nl )

As well present  Elvera Avenhuis-Jansen for giving demonstrations para-agility.

In spite of the bad weather an succesfull day.

Article in :De Stad Nijkerk 25-06-2014

Elvera  with her Collies



20,21 & 22-06-2014   Country Fair, Aalten  (www.countryfair.nl)

On the way to Aalten for giving demonstrations para-agility and servicedogs on the 19th Country Fair.

The ring  " Dogs Village"  became every year more extensive with new and nice different demonstrations about dogs-activities.

Some demonstraties had been given in the big "Central Ring" , we also with our demonstration servicedogs.

Three days very nice weather and totall more then 30.000 visitors.

Joep take off  my shoe
Joy take off laundry out our demonstration-washer!
Stalls & Demonstraties in the"  Dog Village" :

*  Mario Lehtonen  Combi-sport (www.fairytaleservice.com)
*  Team Lunadogs Flyball (www.lunadogs.nl)
*  Doggydance by Sharon Erenstein and Susan Winter
* Tonny Wierda agility ( www.hsvdecombinatie.nl )
*  Hans en Helen Brien IPO
* Jolanda van Eijking trick&truks
   ( www.hondenwarenhuisjolie.nl )
*  Karin Stegmeijer  obedience
*  Greyhoundsgroep ( www.greyhoundsrescue.nl )
*  Joke van Leeuwen with Dutch Shepherds
    ( www.hollandseherder.nl )
*  Ria Nijhof labrador Retrievers ( www.labradorkring.nl )
*  Stabij- en Wetterhounds ( www.nvsw.nl )
*  Jelien Lammers  brainwork ( www.boelbewust.nl )
*  Amerikaanse Naakthond ( www.americanhairlessterrier.nl )
*  Stichting Servicedogs, ( www.servicedogs.nl )


Stand van Hulphondenopleiding Servicedogs met Wilma en Ina!



demonstration servicedog in the big  Eukanuba-ring close to the lake
02,03 & 04-05-2014   Animal Event, Beekse Bergen (www.animalevent.nl)

For 3 days to Beekse Bergen to give demonstrations para-agility and servicedogs on this biggest Animal Event of the Netherlands.

Demonstrations servicedogs in the Eukanuba-Ring, this is a floor of sand...not easy with the electric
wheelchair ...even not for the dog to retrieve;-)

I was also one of the judges for the competition "Best Dog Trick 2014" very nice to do!



competitors and jury of the competition Best Dog Trick 2014


Joy in action  para-agility


26-04-2014      International Driving Competition Horses

Demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility with Joep and Joy on this  30th  International Driving Competition for Horses in Horst aan de Maas.

Together 260 horse-drivers from 14 countries with totall 700 horses, a big and lovely International event!

These people also working with animals and enjoyed our demonstrations, a lot of reactions enthousiast.



22 & 23-03-2014        Dogshow KV Rijnland, Hazerswoude-Dorp  (www.kvrijnland.nl)

We were invited on the  20th  International CAC en CACIB Dog-show in the Hal "Plantarium" in Hazerswoude.

Every year again a very nice group of staff to work with, a very pleasant weekend!



01 & 02-03-2014        Martiniedogshow, Groningen ( www.martinidogshow.nl )


On our way to the MartinieDogshow to give demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility the hole weekend.

On our trip to Groningen our car "died" we have to be towed back to our home ;-(

We had rent another car , so we can start our journey again to Groningen to the show to give demonstrations on this  pleasant show, together Karin Stegmeijer and Mario Lehtonen.


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