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Joep in actie



16-08-2015         1th Bollieday, Dessel, Belgium  (www.bollie-opvoedingcentrum.be)

The dogschool Bollie in Dessel, Belgium was organising the firtst Bollie-Day  and asked me to give demonstration assistance-dog and para-agility.

Together Jolien Greuter we drive, early in the morning, to Belgium. Here in the Netherlands it was raining but when we arrived in Dessel the sun was shining!

A very homy day with a lot of different dogsport-demonstrations, also met a lot of friends and making new contacts.

Very imposing was the demonstrations of a guide-dog. Visitiors was asking to walk a little course with a blindfold, first alloon later together the guide-dog....not easy ;-)



04-07-2015                     Erkemederhondendag, Zeewolde  (www.erkemederhondendag.nl )

By the extreme high expected temperature of 38 grades was decided by the organisation of this day to cancel all demonstrations with dogs/ animals.
Also a lot of exhibitors  were not coming....sadly because it's always a very nice day with a lot of visitors. Hopefully next year again ;-)


26 untill 28-06-2015         20th Country Fair, Aalten ( www.countryfair.nl )

Again  talking care of the organisation of the Dog Ring (together Mario Lehtonen)  of this wonderful and great Event : Country Fair in Aalten which was organised for the 20th time!

Als three days nice sunny weather, totall 400 stands and a 33.000 visitors!

We may looking back to a successfull event, a very nice big Dog-Ring with the hole day beautiful demonstrations and a lot of information-stands.

I had given demonstrations servicedogs  ( in the Dog-Ring and even in the big Central-Ring) and demonstrations para-agility with workshps 

*  Mario Lehtonen with Combi-sport (www.fairytaleservice.com)
*  Team Lunadogs with Flyball (www.lunadogs.nl)
*  Brenda van den Hoek with doggydance
* Tonny Wierda with agility ( www.hsvdecombinatie.nl )
*  Hans and Helen Brien with IPO / rescue-dogs
*  Danielle Swart with dog-massage (www.kynomassage.nl)
*  Karin Stegmeijer with obedience
*  Rosita Compagner with dogs-trimming
( www.abhb.nl )
*  Thijs Duijm with treiball
*  Mandy van Laar with  tric en trucs/ making dogs-lines(www.doktersnuffel.nl)
*  Ria Nijhof with  labrador Retrievers
( www.labradorkring.nl )
*  Stichting Servicedogs, Hulphondenopleiding ( www.servicedogs.nl )
*  Susan Rekveld with servicedogs and para-agility (www.para-agility.nl)

*  Info-stand Stabij- and Wetterhounds ( www.nvsw.nl )
*  Info-stand Amerikaanse Naakthond ( www.americanhairlessterrier.nl )


Stand Servicedogs maned by  Ina en Wilma



27-04-2015                     Birthday Queen, Oranjevereniging Hoogland  (www.oranjecomitehoogland.nl )


We were invited by the Orange Association Hoogland to give demonstrations as servicedogs and to show the (para) agilitysport, together with some enthusiastic partners for the agilitysport this day:
Belinda and Roy van Essen, Aude Gaillard, Jolien Greuter, Jolien and Lianne Bezuijen with their dogs.

Meanwhile we get the possibility to create a game which could give sponsormoney for the organisation/ trainings school Servicedogs.

We had make a little course as a "trim track" for children, but they were not interested for this ;-(

Then we have decided to give the children the possibility to run with our dogs a part of the official agility-course...that was succesfull!!

In spite of the very bad weather forecasts it was a very nice and sunny day ;-)

(article  on  website Orange Association Hoogland)


one of the children enthousiast running  with one of our dogs



group associates of Animal Event
24-01-2015    Animal Event,  Animal-shop Maddie , Hoogland
 (www.dierenspeciaalzaakmaddie.nl )

On saterday 24 Januari was organised by Animal-shop "Maddie" on the shopcentre Kraailand in Hoogland, an event named "Animal Event" with demonstrations and special activity in her shop.  This because her shop was started September last year.

I was asked to give demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility, with assistance for agility by Lianne and Sofie Bezuijen.
Mandy van Laar was asked to give demonstrations "trucs with your dog"

An succesfull day, in spite of we had to start with cleaning the field because a lot of snow ;-(
But later the sun was shining and there were a lot of enthousiast shopping-public!



28-02 t/m 01-03-2015    Martinidogshow, Groningen (www.martinidogshow.nl)

Meanwhile for the 6th year we had given demosntrations para-agility on the Martinidogshow in the Martiniplaza in Groningen. Even this year the Benelux Winner 2015 was organised with more then 2700 dogs!

A very nice weekend with great demonstrations given by:

Hoopers Nederland by Liesbeth Hogendoorn
Obedience by Karin Stegmeijer
Combisport  by Mario Lehtonen
Doggy-dance by  Brenda van den Hoek
Para-agility by Sharon Erenstein and Susan Rekveld


Joep and Joy  on the Martinidogshow

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