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27 & 28-11-2011   Winner-Show, Amsterdam   (www.winnershow.nl)

Again they have invited us to give demonstrations para-agility and also as servicedogs.

Joep and my youngest dog Joy have given demonstrations and Joy have showed she can work  very enthousiast as  servicedog and enjoy to practise the agility-sport!

Sometimes distractions by smells ( and sometimes dog- biscuits) of other dogs in the ring, but with the pressure of the public  she have not any problems, notwithstanding  her young age of just 18 months!

Joy demonstration servicedog  27-11-2011
(click on for video)


11-10-2011 The Elderly Club, Hoogland

They had asked me to show something with my dogs as servicedogs, so I had taken Joep and Joy with me to the Club.
Even I took along a televison-screen  with a DVD with video-recordings of para-agilty.
They like both very much.

01 & 02-10-2011 IJsselshow, Zwolle (www.ijsselshow.nl )

For the third year they have asked us to give demonstraties on the IJsselshow in Zwolle.
Always a programme full of very nice demonstrations into the ring of honour.

Joy have showed to like giving demonstrations as servicedogs. After Joep had given his demonstrations she had done thinks like: pick up a coin and bank-card, clean-out a shopping bag, give help by put off my coat, cloths out of the washing-machine and also untie the velco of my hand-brache!

24-09-2011 Golfmarathon & Herfst Fair, Ees

The Country Golf Club of Ees (Drenthe) had, for the second time, organised a day with all kind of activities and a lot of several stalls.
The hole income of this day for the organisation "Servicedogs" training school for servicedogs. Joep is also certifited by this organisation.

Joep and Joy have demonstrated how a servicedog can give a lot of help to someone with a disability.

21-09-2011 Peerdefestijn, Est  (www.westrienen.nl)

Special Store for all kinds of animals " Westrienen" in Est, have organised, for the second time, a day with all kind of information and demonstrations about horses and dogs.

They have invited us to give demonstratiosn servicedogs and para-agility for the hole day.

Joy enjoy the weave

Joy enthusiastic  through the tube

The weather was lovely, no rain and a lot of sun ;-)

About 2500 visitors  for this event with the name " Peerdefestijn".

My young dog Joy took part, with a lot of fun, into all demonstrations together Joep.


02-07-2011 Erkemeder- Hondendag, Nijkerk

For the third time was organised  a special " Dog-day" on the Erkemeder-beach in Nijkerk. This is a camping situated on the Veluwe-lake with besides a recreation-area, hole year accessible for dogs.

You can walk on the dike or swim together your dog into the lake!
This year more than 100 information-stalls, for visitors entry free.

We have given demonstrations service-dogs and para-agility, and also some workshops agility.

Next year  Saterday 07-07-2012!

24, 25 & 26-06-2011  16th  Country Fair, Aalten  (www.countryfair.nl)

A very nice 3- days Event with 375 stalls and several rings for every day a lot of demonstrations.

We had our own information-booth Para-Agility, beside us the one of S.Servicedogs.

All three days we had given demonstrations para-agility and assistence-dog.

On sunday the weather was very warm and sunny, but the friday and saterday was very bad....only rain ;-(

Notwithstanding  for all days about 50.000 visitors!

notwithstanding the bad weather, it was very useful!

09-05-2011 Primary School 
" De Biezen", Hoogland

Sofie Bezuijen had asked me to give some help on her speech about Assistence-dogs. During Joep was working  the children had listen very enthousiast.

Her mother is also practise agility with their dog Tazz, so we had set up some agility-obstacles on the schoolyard and could even show agility!

The children enjoyed very much!!

Sofie gives explanation about pick-up cloths out of the washing-machine

15, 16 & 17-04-2011 Animal Event, Beekse Bergen  (www.animalevent.nl)

Once more the organisation of the 5th Animal Event, a big Horse- and Dog Event, had invited us to give demonstrations as assistence-dog and para-agility, also to give workshops agility.

A very nice Event with a lot of visitors!

info-stand Para-Agility  (foto: Eukanuba)

This year we had our own information- booth about Para-Agility  in the big stand of EUKANUBA.



Also Joy could show in the ring she can work very enthousiast as assistence-dog.

Joy had removed  a lot of things out of the shopping-bag 
(photo: Ron Baltus)


19 & 20-03-2011   17st Pedigree Dog Show KV Rijnland, Hazerswoude-Dorp (www.kvrijnland.nl)

Saterday and Sunday  we had given  demonstrations  servicedogs and para-agility on the 17st Dogshow in the Hall Plantarium in Hazerswoude-Dorp.
We had make a little information-stand about the organisation Servicedogs and Joep had given  every day two demonstrations as servicedog, besides para-agility.
The visitors were very enthousiast, because he could show after this demonstration also practise para-agility.............working as servicedogs and sporting-dog!

5 & 6-03-2011    51st Martinidogshow, Groningen (www.martinidogshow.nl)

Friday we left to Groningen, the organisation of the Martinidogshow had asked us to give demonstrations  para-agility and servicedogs.

Also the organisation Servicedogs was present with an information booth and Joep had given  several demonstraties as servicedog very enthousiast.

Also my youngest dog Joy, 9 months old, could show a little demonstration like pick up a keychain, a couple of towels out of our washing-machine and apport some little things out of a shopping-bag.

Even demonstrations of Combi-Sport, an aggregation of compliance and agility by Mario van de Pol (www.combisport.net ).


My oldest dog Quita could take part into this demonstration Combi-Sport and have show us she was not fotget how to apport a wooden  dumbbell.

Quita give the dumbbell into my hands

Mike van der Most in action

Ria and Mike van der Most (www.descheperij.nl )attend  great demonstrations driving runner- ducks together one of their border collies, very nice to see!


A very succesfull weekend where we all have showed how dogs can be deployed.

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