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together with Tineke and Mynoek Roelfsema of Servicedogs


24 & 25-11-2012 Winnershow, Amsterdam  (www.winnershow.nl)

Eukanuba had invited us to give information about para-agility and organisation  "Servicedogs" in a stand of them.

On saterday Joep was with me to show some demonstrations as servicedogs and on sunday I took Joy with me. Also video about para-agility.

Joep enjoy his repose
6 & 7-10-2012 IJsselshow, Zwolle
( www.ijsselshow.nl )

For the first time the organisation of this Dogshow had make the choice to organise it outdoor.

A very nice location..but the weather was very..very bad,only a lot of rain and storm ;-(
We had given some demonstrations inside a tent.


Joy making open my handbrache

words for welcome by  Ingrid Veldkamp

30-09-2012 Agility-day  Dutch  Labrador Club, Assen   (www.nlv.nu )

On Sunday 30 September the Dutch Labrador Retriever Club had organised an agility-workshop by Ingrid Veldkamp and Heika Vedder- de Vries for members of the NLV on the field of  KC Assen in Assen.

A very nice day...with only (most of them) Labrador Retrievers!

I could show that this dog breed can work like servicedogs and also practise agility ;-)

The weather was very nice...blue sky with a lot of sun!

Joep and Joy had given demonstrations as servicedog and also run some nice agility-courses.



Joep put out a lot of thinks out of the shopping-bag

29-09-2012  Dierenfestijndag Eemlanddiervoeders, Soest (www.eemlanddiervoeders.nl )

On saterdayaterdag 29 September was organised a day, by   Eemlanddiervoeders in Soest, with different demonstrations and stands.We had given demonstrations para-agility and servicedogs. I like it very much to show the possibility of a dog to work like servicedogs but also as a sport-dog.....everytime again ;-)
For agility also of dogshool HSVA Belinda, Roy, Aude and Jolien.

Also very nice demonstrations by
Johan and Sjan Engelbert driving gooses
( www.freewebs.com/ganzendrijven)
and Ruben van Maaren with birds of prey
( www.roofvogel-demonstratie.nl )


Joy take off my coat!

07-07-2012 4e Erkemederhondendag, Zeewolde

On Saterday 7 july was for the 4th time organised  the Erkemederhondendag by Camping and Day-recreation Erkemederstrand in Zeewolde.

The weather was great, past days only rain but this day the sun was shining from the begin untill the end of this day ;-)

More then  4000 visitors, most of the time with their dog , came to this friendly dogevent with a lot of stands and demonstrations.

Even you could have a nice swim with your dog into the Veluwemeer. There's  a special part of the beach where dogs are allowed, the hole year!

Together  Els, Wim,Twan and Luuk Vet of dogtrainingsschool "Agilitydream" in Nijkerk, Guus and Anneriet Groenesteijn we have given demonstraties / workshops agility .

Even I have showed with Joep and Joy how they can work as servicedogs.




01-07-2012                    Day of the Dog, Herwen (www.herwenactief.nl)

The organisation  " Herwen Actief " ( young people of the small city Herwen) had asked us to give demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility on sunday.

Fantastic sunny weather the hole day, a lot of very enthousiast visitors and many good  demonstrations off all kind of dogsports!


Joy practise para- agility

22,23 & 24-06-2012    17th Country Fair, Aalten 

By car -breakdown on our journey back to the Netherlands from our holiday in France, we haven't the opportunity to give demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility on the 17th Country Fair in Aalten.

This year we want to enlarge the place for dogs on this event by giving more demonstrations and more sale-stands.
Demonstrations had be given by: Miranda Wesselink with her team for frisbee (
www.dogfrisbee.nl)Minna Estemaa with her team for doggy-dance,  Hans Brien with his dogs for  IPO, workshops  flyball and bicycle-stepping by Jolanda van Eijking (www.hondenwarenhuisjolie.nl ),  combi-sports and every day a big parade of all kind of breeds.


Joy first had open the zipper, then put out my  boot

03-06-2012 Hellevoetsluis   
10th Biggest Dog Walk   (www.hondenwandeling.nl)

By sponsor Eukanuba, the 10th Dog Walk was organised in the very nice town   Hellevoetsluis.
The weather was very bad the hole day, only raining...raining ;-(
This was the reason for not many visitors for the many sales-stalls and demonstrations.

We had given demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility.


02-06-2012                   Vet- Practice Hoogland, Hoogland ( www.dierenartshoogland.nl )

By the 10th Jubilee of the Vet-Practice Hoogland, located
 Zevenhuizerstraat 118a  in Hoogland, we had given demonstrations servicedogs with Joep and Joy. Also in the building was a screen with video of us practise para-agility.
We might show to a lot of inhabitants from Hoogland, how my dogs ( beside para-agility) are working as servicedogs.

By this practice I have in treatment my dogs and the owner (Anneke Wijnbergen) is sponsoring us every year with the necessary immunizations for my dogs!


19-05-2012     Day of the Dog
KC Neder Veluwe, Ede

In this month a lot of dogschools were organising a special day with a lot of demonstrations of dogsports.

KC Neder Veluwe had asked us to give demonstration para-agility and servicedogs.

The Mayor of Ede ( together his granddaughter) had started the day by cutting through a special ribbon. Immediately followed  my dog Joep through the tunnel and had started the first agility-demonstration.

A very nice day!


 Mayor of Ede, mr. Cees van der Knaap

 4,5 & 6-05-2012   6th Animal Event, Hilvarenbeek (www.animalevent.nl)

On the grounds of Safaripark Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek was organised for the 6th  time Animal Event (a big Event about dogs, cats and horses) this year with more then 23.000  visitors

A lot of different demonstrations, workshops and lectures were given, also a lot of information and sales-stands.

We hade given demonstration servicedogs and para-agility, together the group handlers under direction of Roy Fonteijn.
Also on sunday a big agility-match.

Joy demonstration servicedogs
(click on for video)


Wellant College, Rotterdam

Babette Loos, a student of hight-school the Wellant College in Rotterdam, had organised (together some other students) as master-opject, a special day with a lot of demonstraties and the income for St. Personal Servicedogs, trainings-school for servicedogs.
I had given demonstraties servicedogs and para-agility.

The weather was very bad, but the day was very good organised and successful.


Joy in action, unfast the zipper of my coat

17 & 18-03-2012  Dog-Show KV Rijnland, Hazerswoude-Dorp (www.kvrijnland.nl)

The organisation of the Dogshow in Hazerswoude-Dorp on 17 & 18-03-2012 had invited us to give demonstrations servicedogs and para-agility.

Joy, my youngste dog, had given some demonstrations as servicedog! Only the part of giving a portemonaie to a cassiere is something we are still training, also to pick-up my telephone when he's go-on. This parts of the demonstration Joep could show ;-)

Joy demo servicedog  17-03-2012
(click on for video)

Both dogs have taken part into the demonstrations agility of the group enthousiast employees of dogschool Rijnland. So we could showed the para-agility, Joep as a dog with experience and Joy as a dog who likes agility very much ;-)

Also a nice intervieuw on internet:

(click on for video, only dutch)



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