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JETT (24-04-2016)


On  11 June there was unexpectedly Jett with us at home!

I had called the breeder to get some information if she can put in on the list for a nest perhaps next year.

She told me there was at this moment a nest and a buyer for a puppy had cancelled ( just 5 minuts ago she told me ), so just free again a black girl...that's what I was looking for ;-)


Jett was 6 weeks old and I have to choice between two black girls. I dropped a bunch of keys and Jett was picking up and the other girl leave it....my choice was maked!


On the age of 7 weeks I take her at home!




Jett is a very relaxed puppy which learn things very quick!


Good friends with Joy....a lot of play-fun ;-)



 together Joy...good training of "stay" ; -)

Yes...I like the tunnel  ;-)

training as  assistence-dog she likes very much, wash out of the washing-machine is not any problem !

Jett 6 months old!


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