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JOY  (24-05-2010)

A bitch, born on 24-05-2010 from the combination  Simply and my dog Joep.

More information about the process of the cover/ nest 
Cover Joep

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We go to socialize Joy and she will learn a lot of my dogs Quita & Joep without effort!

When now will dropped something on the ground three dogs like to pick-up, not two anymore ;-)


together daddy Joep

She's playing many times with my oldest dog Quita, but sometimes also a snarl for her.

My young dog Joep do not know very good how to associate with her sometimes...but he's learning! 

together Quita

Joy lives 4 weeks in our house and she's developed like a friendly, lovely, independent and relaxed doggy.

She's learning very quick and knows the rhythm of our live.
Also a real Labrador, for her the most important thing of life....... eating, just like her dad;-)
When she was born she was the little one of the litter, she's still. On the photo she's the one in the front.

Joy good friends with Quita en Joep!
(from left to right: Quita, Joy en Joep

visiting Zoo Amersfoort

run and "blow out " on the beach Noordwijk aan Zee!

first time swimming!

Joy will be trained as servicedogs and when Joep will become to old for workingh she will take over his "job".

At home she's learning automatic things from Quita and Joep, so by this way she will learn to do things for me.

She will be registrated by the organisation St. personal Servicedogs ( www.servicedogs.nl )

Joy had showed her first little demonstration as servicedogs on the Winner Dogshow 27 & 28-11-2010


Joy Januari 2011

Quita - Joep - Joy (Januari 2011)

Joy 29-09-2011

Joy likes to works very much, so all training for para-agility and serviceodgs go very good.

Her first demonstration para-agility she had showed  (when she was 4 months old) on the  Dorpsfeest 19-09-2011 in Hoogland.
She had taken the tube and flat-tube autonomic.

27 & 28-11-2010 on the Winnershow in Amsterdam, she went, with a lot of enthusiasm, through two tunnels and a flat- tube at the end, as one total,

Joy demo agility Winnershow 2010
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In the meantime she had given several  demonstrations para-agility and on the IJsselshow in Zwolle
1 & 2-10-2011 she had her scoop on the weaves,
she took them all 12 in the good way;-)

Joy demo agility oktober 2011
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Joy had started into the Dutch Competition Agility and showed some nice runs and nearly a "U".  This we need to start into a higher level. We like to start in 2013 and hope to reach the level B1.

But more amazing on the 11th PAWC 2012 in Belgium!
I had entry to give her some experience on such a big agility-event.
She became 3x gold and the first place on the podium Totall Results ;-)

She attained her first "uutje" on the Agility Course on 11-05-2014 on a match of the Cynophilia- competiton by KC Amsterdam. We need two more to start into the Second Level!

Joy oktober 2012

Joy and Joep on the beach of Texel (februari 2014)

also Quita ( 14 1/2 years old) a little walk on the beach,
running very enthousiast
first one ;-)
 (februari 2014)

Joy is running good in te competition of Raad van Beheer ( was first Cynophilia) and get her 3th"Excellent on the agilitymatch by KC Assen , in Assen.

Now she's promote to the second level named by B1-large!



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