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9 JANUARI 2008

On the occasion of the sending out on the television-programm "Hart van Nederland"on SBS 6
about our taking part into the 6e PAWC 2007 in Spain, we are invited to give a presentation about para-agility on the Highschool of Amsterdam ( Academy Education Physical).

For a group of 60 students who are training  Sport & Manager, there was organised by Marina Koopman, one of the students, a project about sports for people with a disability.


I give explanation about agility because most of the students didn't know this sport and after that  about our activity on para-agility by slides
(photo's) and some films.


They all have listen very  interested and on the end of my story they had a lot of enthusiast questions.



They also had invited Quita and Joep, but they know already the story....Joep was gaping all the time ;-)


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