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QUITA   (31-09-1999  /  16-04-2014)

With my dog Quita, also a female black Labrador Retriever, I started agility- training at an earlier age. Quita came with us the end of 1999.

In 2001 we entered our first agility competition and  she has shown to be very capable for dog sports (training). She enjoys it very much, which is very important to be successful.

She obtained her three "Excellent" qualifications so she promoted to the second level B1( I must honestly say I never expected us to achieve this level)

Later she was running into the Veteran-Class and just finished her sport-career 1 month before she became 11 years old.

     Quita obtained her 3e "excellent "
  ( HSV W.I.K.  31-03-2002)

Demonstration of Quita on the WC workingdogs (Belgium 2003)

In 2002 we have take part into the 1e ParAgility World Cup in Hungary and came back as Champion of the group large dogs (8 total ).
That gives us a reward for all our training!

On 10-05-05 Quita was been operated on her knee and could not practise agility the rest of this year.She need a rehabilitation of 9 months.
In the begin of 2006 she have started again on agility-matches, but on the 5e PAWC 2006 in the Netherlands she had run for the last time in the category large, it was a wonderfull clear run!
She became the 3e place Total Results of the group 1!
On the 6e PAWC 2007 she was started in the category  Veteran-classe and became champion group 1 Totall-Results. Also first place on the 7e PAWC in 2008 in Italy!
In 2009 she had run very good with a  2th place on the podium Total Results.

In 2010 in Switzerland she was running her last agility-course, I had decided to stop with her.
She was running on the second agility-course a first place, what a wonderfull  finish of her
sport-career! And (for the last time) with a 3th place, on the podium Total Results!

Quita had worked her whole live very enthousiast as service-dog!!

 My dogs Quita and Joep playing together
(click on for video)

Quita on her 13th Birthday on 31-09-2012!

On the Beach of Texel (februari 2014)
Quita ( 14 1/2 years old) running at first ;-)


On Wednesday 16 April 2014 Quita died ( very calm at home)  after a wonderful dog-live on the age of 14 years old.
It hurt a lot but we have so much very nice memories!



30-09-1999    /    15-04-2014


There's a tear on my cheek
we know each other such a long time

As servicedog and in the agility-sport, we had a lot of fun
but now my dear Quita, you are no longer here

I give you the last kiss
you get  your well deserved rest



Quita signed on 16-04-2014 by:  Toshiyuki Oba (Japan)

Quita 16-04-2014 (last photo)



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