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Festal Registratition Joep servicedog


Still a little festal tinge of the registration of my youngest dog Joep as servicedog by the Organisation Personal Servicedogs in Tweede Exloërmond.
We decided to make a walk with our dogs on the wood near the Castell "Groeneveld" in Baarn, a very nice place where the dogs can walk free and also very good to drive with my electric wheelchair. One of our favourite location  to walk with our dogs!

Present were Tineke Roelofsma of the Organisation Servicedogs, Tina Prins and Miranda de Jager, both trainers  (Miranda is also the breeder of Joep), my parents, my sister Mirjam and my friend Hanneke.

While enjoying coffee and a very nice peace of cake I recieved from Tineke  beautiful flowers after her pleasant  speech.

info: www.servicedogs.nl


The weather was great....the sun was shining so a lovely walk trough the park was a very good idea after this little serious part of the day.
Fun for us, but sure for the dogs...in and out the wather ;-)

For me a very nice result, after the registrations of my three dogs as servicedog by the municipality Amersfoort (we live) now my youngest dog Joep also certificated International!

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