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 Taking part into the 10e IMCA & 8e PAWC 2009
being hold from 03-09-09 until 06-09-09 in Gyula, Hungary



On sunday 30 August we started our journey to Gyula in Hungary to take part into the 8e ParAgility World Cup (PAWC). The same Sports Hall as in 2002 on the first PAWC. This year total 49 competitors for PAWC, under which a group from Israel, handlers with a disability mental, a disability we have accepted this year for the first time.

I'm running into group 1 of disability, this year total 12 competitors for this group!
I had entried my both dogs Quita and Joep.

Judges for this Event:
Rick Molenkamp of the Netherlands,  well-known as judge on the 7th IMCA & 5th PAWC 2006, Arnaldo Benini from Italy, even we know him of years before and John Gilbert from United Kingdom. One of the  erectors of agility, a judge with a lot of experience. He was also a judge on the start of PAWC in 2002!


As usual in Hungary, a  meeting of all the competitors and judges  by the Castell of Gyula and after this a  procession trough the city with the judges on a carriage.

Quita in action

Quita, notwithstanding her age of nearly 10 years, had a very good condition and enjoyed very much her runs!
On our first course, I had some problems with my wheelchair...the control-poker broke, but I just go on and I was lucky Quita do not  reacted very strong on this ;-)

She had run good courses with 2 of the 3 courses the best time!
But some faults ...even a nice 2th place on the podium of the Total Results!



(click on for video)

Joep was very enthousiast..like always...you can  see and hear ;-)

But he had problems with the pressure of a match, on training he's more relaxed and just go better and more away of me on the courses!

But he also had run good courses, after Quita  2 of the 3 courses the best time!
But he makes faults, including after jumping clear a heardly thrown down the bar with his tail....bad luck!

He became the 4th place Total Results!

Joep in action

Congratulations by judge Arnaldo Benini for our 2th place on the podium.

The first place for Alexander Grimus with his dog Nelson, a competitor of Austria  for many years.
 A well- deserved place!




The Home-coming every year a big party....

When we arrived familiy and neighbours give us a hearty welcome in the street....all dressed in orange and a lot of flags were waving!

Cildren on their bike  receive us enthousiast in the street!



Congratulations...flowers...wine....we recieved this all during a little party with champagne and cakes!

Every year a social and friendly meeting of people of our neighbourwood!
They enjoined it!

Next PAWC will be held in Switserland from 2 untill 5 September...of course we will make plans to entry!


two times a medal bronze and once silver
I'm proud of my two Labradors!

Our  faithful fans, my daughter Leonie with her friend Rudi
were married on 28-08-09....they were on honeymoon!

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