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Taking part into the  9th PAWC 2010
being hold from 02-09-2010 until 05-09-2010 in Fräschels, Switzerland

Information 11th IMCA & 9th PAWC 2010: www.ladgins.ch

Early in the morning of 1 September
we start our journey from Hoogland to Fräschels in Switzerland.

On thursday the start of the 9th ParAgility World Cup, being hold from 2 untill 5 September. A big Sport Hall between wonderfull mountains and also  cows  wearing bells!

This year 53 competitors for PAWC, a lot of new faces but also a lot of well-known  competitors. Quita and Joep have taken part into group 1 of disability, this year with 17  participants.

Judges this year: Peter Borsje of the Netherlands (also judge on the IMCA & PAWC 2006), Dimitri Vanblaere of Belgium (also a judge with a lot of experience) and from Switzerland Max Heiniger
(have worked as FCI-judge).

  first and second place on the jumping!

After the training for all countries and the vet-control for all dogs on thursday, on friday the PAWC have started with a Jumping-course.

Even Quita as Joep have run a very fast and clear round, first place for Joep and second place for Quita.....what a exciting  beginning  for us!

JOEP 1th place JUMPING

(click on for video)


(click on for video)


Quita was running her very last official agility-match!

On the jumping she have obtained an 2th place because Joep was running a little faster.

Saterday on the first agility-course she was making a mistake, that gave her the 7th place and also a lower place on the All-Over.

But on her very last run, also an agility-course, she was running marvellous....no faults and  the quickest time...first place!!

quita enthousiast running!

QUITA 1th place  Agility-course

(click on for video)

Because this fantastic last run she became the 3th place on the podium for Totall Results.

A well-deserved place as closing her wonderfull agility-career!

She had run many good courses on the Dutch Agility Competitie, but also on International agility- matches and even on the PAWC. She was the first worldchampion on the 1th PAWC 2002 in Hungary and  this title she have obtained 4 times.

Together with Quita I have given a lot of demonstrations para-agility in the Netherlands, but also in a lot of other countries...she was a wonderfull assistance  to promote the para-agility!!



Joep running the agility-course

Also Joep have run fantastic courses with very fast times, but also some faults. On the Totall Results the 4th place for him!

For us a very succeed PAWC...2 x gold...1 x silver and 1 x bronze, what a wonderfull  couple of black rascals ;-)

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