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Visit Cowboys'Guest Ranch
( 7- 10 December 2008)


quita in het vliegtuig...wat ze niet erg leuk vond ;-(


On fridaymorning very early we went to the Airport Amsterdam... my husband Leon..me..my electric wheelchair...my wheelchair by hand..Quita, my oldest dog....for our flight to Milaan, Italty.


Notwithstanding all my preparations it wasn't easy to take all I need with me in the airplane, but at 14.45 we started to Milaan!


At the end of the afternoon we land on the Airport of Milaan and after a  ride by car of 2 hours we arrived on the Cowboys'Guest ranch in Voghera, Italy



On saterday and sunday 8-9 December there was organised an National Agilitymatch.

On these location Italy will go to organise the 9e IMCA & 7e PAWC 2008 and the organisation had invited us to have a look at the floor.

I give my approval. The floor is of sand, but by a special way they can make it very hard...good for the competitors PAWC and IMCA........... and also very good for the dogs!

Quita had given  nice demonstration-runs on the 2e and 3e  level !

Para-agility: Quita Voghera Italy 2007
(click on for video)


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