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First  Workshop Para-agility on 21-04-07

Joep in action on the dogwalk 

On 21 april  I have organised the first workshop for handlers with a disability.
We  were the gast on dogshool  HSVA in Amersfoort.
It's always not easy to plan a date where all can come, so some handlers with disability couldn't  take part.
Some take with  their trainer.

We want to talk over/ consult about how to solve  the special problems we have on the courses.
Of course each handler with his disability have his own problems. A wheelchairuser have sometimes problems  because there isn't room enough between the obstacles, a handler who can walk haven't .

The speed is for all handlers with a disability a great problem. Because you cann't walk just near your dog and give him some  help.
Also most of the handlers use their service-dog. These dogs are very atteched of their owner and the training for the dog to go away in the course.......to work  indepedent needs a long time and a lot of patience!

Some trainers do not know how to learn  the obstacles.
My advice always: just train together with the valid handlers in an group, also these need extra help of the trainer in the begin to learn the obstacles.
Only the poles can give some problems, because each time when the dog come back out the poles he walk into the wheelchair....and the dog have learned to avoid. Sometimes it's better to learn these in the begin by trainer. Safety for the dog is most important!

Running the course just the way valid handlers are doing is most of the time not possible.
For wheelchairusers ( sometimes also for bad-walking handlers or with bad-sight)  it's the best way to make routes ( way)  straight on, without switches( turns) like the switch belgium and frans are not possible..sometimes you  can make the switch classic ( just  make a switch behind the dog).

By talking about our own experiences we could give eachother, handler and trainer, some help!
I'm making plans to give another workshop the end of this year...I hope we can meet more handlers with a disability!!



Eddy Daisomont & Anka (Belgium)

Corry van Valkenburg & Yordi

Jolanda Bikkel & Oscar

Marieke Dijkman & Isca and Phila

Patricia Fuchs & Kyona

Susan Rekveld & Quita and Joep

photo's maked by  Jolanda Bikkel ( www.papendijk.nl)


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