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 Report taking part into 8th PAWC 2009, Hungary  (click on)

photo Leen Vroegop ( www.curly.net)

Taking part into agility-matches
Dutch Competition Agility Cynophilia


22-08-09 KC Arnhem, location Arnhem

For Joep to run still in the first level (A-class),  his judge for this day Arjen van Gastel.
Quita  judge Ben Gräfe in the Veteran-classe large.
The weather was very good, always  very positief for matches outside!

Our last agility-match before we will drive to Hungary to take part into the 8th ParAgility World Cup, so we hope a good training!

Quita was running the Jumping very good...untill the last jump before the finish..she just took the wrong one......... so Disqualification ;-(
Her Agility was very nice, a clear run but some seconds more then  SCT!

On the Game-course for Joep  a 20th place of the 49 competitors....not very bad!
Also for him on the Jumping a disqualification and on the Agility a clear round...but also to much time.even 15e place on the list!


(click on for video)

HSVA  photo Leen Vroegop (www.curly.net)
08-08-09 HSV Amersfoort, location Amersfoort

This time a location not far away from home..only 10 minuts to drive ;-)
Judge Willem-Alexander Kelders for Quita and Arjen van Gastel for Joep.

Quita only runs the Jumping and Agility , that's enough for her age (9 years).
On the Jumping a disqualification, but on the Agility a very nice clear round..only 4,37 seconds  more then the SCT, this give her the 12th place of 31 competitors.

For Joep a good day...of the 73 competitors of his group he became on the Game-course 13th and on the Jumping 32th! The SCT of the Jumping 33 seconds...for us not easy to get!
I was satisfied of their runs!


(click on for video)

10-05-09 KC Kennemerland
location Aerdenhout

Today only runs for Joep into the first level ( A-class), judge Ron van Straten.

Not a very succesfull matchday....Agility and Jumping both a disqualification. The Game-course was not very bad but it was a TFU ( time- fault- out)  that means only the obstacles you had run withouit a fault  are counted..so when you make  on the 3th obstacle a fault, you will get 2 points...and  the dog with the most points and the fast time will be the winner!


(click on for video)

kc kennemerland  ( photo Jeroen Mulder)

KC Uden (photo Moswinkels)


18-04-09 KC Uden e.o. , location Uden

Today only the first level so Joep was running.
Judge Martin Schoffelmeer with very  pithy courses I believe (just like other handlers) not for first level...but I always say: just try ;-)

The start on the Game-course was not very good..disqualification, but later on the day Joep came back.
On the Jumping only one refusal, but this give as well a 29th place of the 86 competitors (54 runs a disqualification).
On the Agility he ran a clear round, so again a good place 24th....again 56 competitors a disqualification so we were very happy!


(click on for video)

05-04-09 HSV De Vrije Sprong
location 's Gravenzande

Judge Adri van den Bosch, a judge with a lot of experience, had make very nice courses for first level.

On the Game-course, always the first courses to run for the A-class, Joep ran very good and became  on the 18th place of 75 competitors, this was a very good start!
On the Agility a 39th place and on the Jumping number 37 on the list, nothstanding some faults of Joep I was satisfied....not any disqualification ;-)

(click on for video)

HSV De Vrije Sprong

 Taking part into other agility-matches

Joep have obtained a second place of the group match-competitors by the mutually matches of the dogschool we are training HSVA  in Amersfoort.

On saterday 12-12-2009 our last jumping and agility-course to run of the total 3x agility-courses and 2x jumpings the second part of the trainings-season 2009.

14 & 15 November   Eurodogshow on Kortrijk, Belgium

On friday 13 November we started our journey to Roncq in France to pass the night. By this way  we were sure to be on time in the Expo-Hal in Kortrijk, Belgium on saterdaymorning!

We had entry into the agilitymatches both days into the 2e level (1e level wasn't)

By consulting the judges, Kees Stoel from the Netherlands, Michel Liekens and Wilfried Claes from Belgium, it was possible for my oldest dog Quita  to run into the medium-classe (because she's Veteran) without compete!

Quita had run 3 of the 4 courses (2 agility and 2 jumping)  beautifull clear rounds!

Joep had some faults, but of the 4 courses he had only one disqualification.
The course were pithy with a lot of traps, so there were a lot off disqualifications!

Also met a lot of friends from Belgium and of course promoted the para-agility to the general public!

(click on for video)

12-04-09 and 30-04-09 IMCA selectionmatches IMCA
location Hal "Dogs in Touch" Bergen op Zoom


Today judge Jan Sprij, also the coach of the dutch IMCA-Team.

There are 4 selection-matches and of each categorie small/ medium and large will go the 4 handlers with the best results to the 10e IMCA 2009 in Hungary, the 5th competitor will be assigned.

Quita only ran the Jumping and Agility courses and had a disqualification on the Jumping but  make better her Agility...clear round! This result to a 16e place on the list of 33 competitors.....most of them from the third level ;-)

Joep started his day with a disqualification on the Game-course, but also make better his Jumping, clear round with give hime a 27th place of 68 competitors) . On the Agility again a clear round, this result to a 20th place...also not bad for a dog from the first level between  dogs of the highest level !


(click on for video)


On the first selectionmatch for IMCA team (total 4) Sandy Amerlaan as judge.
Very pithy and  technical courses, not always easy to drive with an electric wheelchair!

Quita ran a disqualification on the Agility but was much better on the Jumping, clear round!
This give her a 21th place on the list of 33 competitors.

Joep his start was good, 15th on the Game-course of 65 competitors....On his Jumping he was  less succesfull.....a disqualification, but on his Agility a clear round. Naturally not the fastest time but as well a nice 36th place!


(click on for video)

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