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Report Taking part into 02-09-2010 t/m 05-09-2010  
ParAgility World Cup Fraschels, Switzerland

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KC Arnhem 22-08-2010, Arnhem

For Joep his last agility-match before we will depart to Switzerland to take part into the 9th ParAgility World Cup, so a very nice training!

Even the game as agility-courses were clear rounds, it's results to an 6th and 9th place of 64 competitors. The game-run gives him a little cup!

On the jumping he was running very fast, but by the mistake of me(I was driving to fast away of the obstacle with my wheelchair) he was missing the long-jump...a disqualification, but for me the run was very beautiful ;-)

for  Quita literal and figurative the FINISH of the Dutch Competition Agility!
(photo: Rein Janssen)

Quita enthousiast  running her last agility- course of the  Dutch  Competition Agility of Cynophilia
on the match KC Gooi &  Eemland, Hilversum
(photo's:  Carolina Santos Silva)

14-08-2010 KC Gooi- & Eemland, Hilversum

I had entry with both dogs, Quita the Veteran-classe, Joep the A-classe.

Joep had only run the jumping, one of the three courses, because his injury of last week I didn't  want to take any risk.

For Quita her last agility-match of the Dutch Competition Agility of Cynophilia.  She had run the agility-course  and even the jumping very nice, so a good closing of her agility- carreer in the Netherlands.

She will take part into the PAWC in Zwitserland 2 untill 5 September!
After this I will train a little with her and perhaps she will run sometimes on a demonstratieon, all a little lower;-)

For Joy her first acquaintance with an agility-match.
She loves it, even to meet a lot of dogs and people;-)

07-08-2010 KC Noord-Oost Polder, Emmeloord

I had entry with my two dogs, but both dogs were a little injured, so I had decided to cancel.

Joep in action out of the flat tunnel
(photo: Bart Meeusen)

04-07-2010 HSVA Amersfoort

The hole weekend agility-matches on the dogshool HSVA.

On saterday I was working as volunteer (writer of the judje) and on sunday I have taken part with my two dogs.

The weather was very hot, but even Quita as Joep have run good!

On the Game-course the judge Corrie Vink- Rosier had  devised a very nice game....all numbers were put behind the obstacles...a lot to puzzle ;-)

06-06-2010 KC Deventer, Deventer

Dutch Competition agilitymatch for Joep into the A-classe and for Quita into the Veteran-classe.

Both dogs have run very nice and for Quita a second place on the agility-course. At the end of the day a cup for her!

Quita Vast Parcours
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foto: www.curly.net

Joep have obtained an 8th place on the game-course, nearly a cup.... they had given cups uncluded the 7th place ;-(
As well as the agility course and jumping he had run very good.

Joep Jumping
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15-05-2010 HSVA , Amersfoort

Mutually agilitymatch on dogshool HSVA in Amersfoort for Joep.

To run 3 agility-courses and 2 jumpings. For Joep in Totall Results second place!

30-04-2010  IMCA selectie Team, Bergen op Zoom

Last selection agilitymatch for the IMCA team of the Netherlands!

Very exciting because some competitors are sure about a place in the Team, but others have to fight for it on this last selectionmatch!

Quita was running two very nice clear rounds, but one had given a disqualification because I  had taken the wrong way in the course!
Joep was very enthousiast, but with not any good results ;-(

13-02-2010 DIT HAL, Bergen op Zoom

Training/ benefit-performance agilitymatch for the IMCA-Team of the Netherlands on the D.I.T. Hal in Bergen op Zoom.

I had entry with both dogs, Joep the A/classe, Quita the Veteran/classe

Quita had run a very nice clear agility course with give her the 6th place of  17 competitors. She enjoyed very much but she´s not so fast anymore!

Joep´s jumping was very good and give him the second place  of 21 competitors....a prize to take home!

16-01-2010 DIT HAL, Bergen op Zoom

Benefit-agilitymatch for the Dutch Team who will take part into the World Championship for Belgian Shepherds, being held from 19 untill 23 May in Cottbus, Germany.

This indoor-match was organised in the Dog In Touch Hal in Bergen op Zoom. It was a team-competiton and I have taken part with both my dogs.
My oldest one Quita was running into the Veteran classe and Joep into the 2th/3th level, because Quita was also running this level!
Difficult courses with a lot of disqualifications!

Quita have run 1x jumping with one fault on the weaves, 1x jumping clear round, also the agility-course a clear round but some seconds more then  SCT.

Joep have run his first jumping without disqualificatie, but because he need more then MCT (only 1 second)  for him also a disqualification.
Even on the second jumping and agility-course for him disqualification.

Notwithstanding we are finished on the 22th place of total 40 teams.


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