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19-11-2011 Open-match, DIT-Hal in Bergen op Zoom  (open-match)

For Joy her first agility-match into the Beginners-classe, nearly 18 months old.
The week before, on the training, she was fall of the dog-walk, this was the reason she didn't like to go on.
I had asked the judge if I could try again and after  sometime she was not afraid anymore!
Of course a disqualification, but the rest of the course was a nice-run, also the other 2 courses.

JOY Agility-Course
(click on for video)

For Joep his first agility-match into the Veteran-class. In October he became 7 years old, and because he's a big dog I had decided to let him start Veteran-class. He had run a clear Agility-Course.

 JOEP Agility- Course
(click on for video)



Report Taking Part into the 10th ParAgility World Cup,
being hold 1 untill 4 September 2011 in Nijmegen , the Netherlands
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20-08-2011 KC Arnhem, Arnhem (competition-match Cynophilia)

This was the last match before we will take part into the 10th PAWC in Nijmegen, so a good training. On the Jumping for Joep a clear run!

JOEP JUMPING (click on for video)

14-08-2011 KC Gooi- en Eemland, Hilversum
(competition-match Cynophilia)

The Summer of this year is very cold and with a lot of rain, also this match-day by KC Gooi- and Eemland.

In the morning the field was very bad to drive by electric wheelchair, later on the day it was better ;-)

Joep was running a very good Game-course, which had given him a 7th place (of 69 competitors) and a little cup.

foto: Bart Meeuwsen
22-05-2011 KC Deventer, Deventer (competition-match Cynophilia)

An agilitymatch of the Dutch Competition Agility  with judge Martin Schoffelmeer. He had created courses with a lot of turns, so we need some extra time with the electric wheelchair!

On the Jumping for Joep a very nice and clear run!

23-04-2011 3e Selection- matches IMCA, DIT Hal , Bergen op Zoom (open-match)

The 3th Selection-match for the Dutch team IMCA, being held from 1 untill 4 September in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).

The tension was rising, because for a lot of competitors this selectionmatch was deciding (when they have good runs) for a place in the team!

Judge was Peter Borsje, he will also judge on the IMCA & PAWC 2011.
Joep was running good, a clear round on the Jumping, 41th place of 74 top-handlers of the Netherlands ;-)

JOEP JUMPING  (click on for video)

09-04-2011 HSV De Vrije Sprong, 's Gravezande
(competition-match Cynophilia)

Our first agilitymatch of the Dutch Competiton of Cynophilia ( for valid handlers) with judge Adri van den Bosch.

We had run the first agility-course very good, without any fault untill the penultimate obstacle...
I had given the wrong command, so Joep took the wrong way (for him the good one) and we became  disqualification ;-(

The rest of the day I haven't make any mistake anymore and ran nice courses.

taking the contact on the see-saw very nice!
( photo: Andries van de Meer)

27-03-2011, Dogshool Lingenwaard, Bemmel  (open-match)

On sundaymorning we start our journey to Bemmel  to take part into our first agilitymatch outside.  MariŽlle Bugel and Carl De Rouck of Dogshool Lingenwaard had organised an exhibition-agilitymatch for all classes.

Early in the morning it was very cold, but later the sun was shining very nice, a good start of our agilitymatch-season.

Joep was running good and on the second agility-course, with a clear round,  he was winning a beatiful rosette for the second place.

second place Agility-course (photo Marian Teunissen)

22-01-2011 D.I.T.-Hal, Bergen op Zoom (open-match)

In the weekend  22 & 23 Januari  was organised by "Agilityfriends" a open-classe agilitymatch individual and indoor on saterday and a Team-competiton on sunday.

I had taken part on saterday with Joep and it was our first match after our winter-stop.

Joep enjoyed very much and was running his three courses very well!


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