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Agenda 2013:



Club-matches HSVA, Amersfoort  (www.hsva-online.nl)

Dogsportschool HSVA in Amersfoort is organising two times each year a agility-competition for his members.

For this autumn on the days:
27 October, 21 November and 15 December 2012

Joy had problems with the dogwalk, because early she was falling off.
I had make the choice to take time with her and take the dogwalk again, but this had given  disqualifications.

Joy became 13th, but Joep had run nice clear courses and became first place.

Joep Jumping-Course (27-10-2012)
(click on for video)


17-11-2012  Agilityfriends, Bergen op Zoom
(Competition Cynophilia)

In the DIT-Hal in Bergen op Zoom was an agility-match of   the Dutch Cynophilia-competition organised by  Agilityfriends (www.agilityfriends.nl). Only for the  A-classe, so only Joy could take part.

On the first course ( Game-course) she had two faults, but on the Agility-course she was running a very nice clear round! Just not enough for points we need for come into the next level ;-(

The last run, a Jumping, she was making her own course.....so disqualification ;-)

Joy Agility-Course
(click on for video)


Report taking part into
the 11th ParAgility World Cup,
being hold from 30-08 untill 02-09-2012
in Wieze, Belgium

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25- 08-2012 Speed Almere, Almere  (Competition Cynophilia)

On saterday an evening-match with an agility- and jumping course, I had  entried my young dog Joy.

In the afternoon there was the possibility, by judge Martin Schoffelmeer, to train an extra course, for this I had also entried my dog Joep...this was an good training before we went to Belgium to take part into the
11th ParAgility World Cup!

Joy was running a very good agility- and also  jumping-course,  just one refusual on both.

19- 08-2012 KC Arnhem, Arnhem  (Competition Cynophilia)

Sundaymorning we drive to Arnhem...very warm weather  (36 grades) and  for this reason  a lot of competitors haven't take part....that's had given one  good rsult...we coluld home very urly ;-)
Joy into the  A-classe large and  Joep into the  Veteran-classe large.

Joep was running a nice clear run  on the Jumping and Joy a clear run on the Game-course
(20 obstacles)

JOEP JUMPING - Course  (click on for video)

JOY SPEL-Course  (click on for video)


photo: Gabrielle Eikelboom

11 & 12- 08-2012 KC Gooi- en Eemland, Hilversum (Competition  Cynophilia)


For Joy on saterday into the A-classe and Joep on Sunday into the Veteran-classe large. 

Two days, but I like it very much....just time for each dog and not to run between two different courses.

Joy was running her first clear run!
On the Jumping and only 0,2 seconds more that we need for a "U"( you need 3 for the next level)...but a price for the 4th place ( of 43 dogs)

(click on for video)

30-04-2012 4e IMCA Selection-match , Bergen op Zoom

The 4th and last selection-match for the Dutch IMCA-Team, which will take part into the 13th International Mix & Breed Championship Agility in Belgium (www.imca-pawc.be)

Nice but not easy courses, builded and judges by Werner Rosseau (coach Dutch IMCA team)

Joep was running again and had some nice runs.
Even  a clear Jumping, only disqualification by more seconds then MCT ;-(

Joy had some problems with the dogwalk (was dropted some time before) and became 3 x
a refusual...so disqualification.
The other two courses she was running good (just nearly two years old) and the courses were very difficult.

JOEP Game-course
(click on for video)

JOY Game-course   
(click on for video)


21-04-2012  KC Culemborg, Culemborg.
(Competition Cynophilia)

I had entry with my dog Joep( his first official match into the Veteran-class) and my young dog Joy (for her the first official match into the Dutch Agility Competition of  Cynophilia).
Joep was a little  injured  so I had him check out.
Joy was running good, I was satisfied, only a few faults.
For the time (more then MCT) she became 2x Disqualifications.


10-03-2012  1th Agilitymatch Mutual  HSVA, Amersfoort

First agility-match mutual on dogschool HSVA in Amersfoort where I'm training with Joep and Joy.
Joep had run a nice clear agility-course, but on the jumping a fault. Joy was running a disqualification on the agility-course because she was choosing the hole of the tunnel just behind the A-frame...but she had to take the otherone ;-).... the rest of the course was okay, also the jumping.


04-03-2012  1th IMCA-selection-match, DIT-Hal in Bergen op Zoom

I Had entry with Joep into medium-classe (he will started Veteran-classe this year), and with Joy into the large of this first selection-match for the Dutch IMCA-team.
Judge David Hutchinson from the UK ( he will also be a judge on the IMCA & PAWC 2012 in Belgium) had make not easy courses... a lot of the competitors had run a disqualification.

Joy was also running a disqualification on the agility-couse, but Joep had a clear run.
Unfortunately a time- disqualification  for Joep on the agility and jumping-course, witch also without faults. Also the Game-course was very nice!

JOEP Agility-course
(click on for video)

 Joep Game- course
(click on for video)


Joy had run one fault on the jumping and on the Game-course 2x refusual, but I was very proud  on her, just 21 months old!

JOY Jumping
(click on for video)

 JOY Game-course
(click on for video)


12-02-2012  Tanaina Liká Cup,  DIT-Hal in Bergen op Zoom

They had invited us to take part (only Joy) together Vera Janssens from Belgium, to show para-agility.

Nice courses made by judge Rauno Virta from Finland, for him the first time he saw para-agility.

Joy was running good on both courses (one agility and one jumping) only some faults.

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