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05 t/m 08-09-2013    ParAgility World Cup, Hongarije ( http://imca-pawc-2013.bhn.hu )

I had entry with my dogs Joep and Joy for the 12th ParAgility World Cup in Hungary, but because of an accident on 23 August I was in Hospital during this Event.....so not possible to take part and for the first time not present on the PAWC ;-(

Not possible to meet the new competitors PAWC, I had contact most of the time the hole year with them, even not meeting all my agilityfriends....but next year I will be there again in Italy ;-)

verkennen van het parkoers

17-08-2013  KC Arnhem, Arnhem (competitie Cynophilia)

Our last agility-match before we will  taking part into the ParAgility World Cup in Hungary.

Only the A-classe for Joy en she had run good.On the Jumping Disqualification, but clear my fault ;-(...Agility and Game-course she had run nice, only 2 faults.

Everytime nice to see how all handlers make a big discussion how to run the course...for me, driving with the electric wheelchair, most of the time only one
possibility ;-)

10-08-2013    KC Gooi- en Eemland, Hilversum (competition Cynophilia)

Today only the A-class, so I had entried for Joy.

We started with a Jumping, a wonderfull run untill
I got a problem to make a turn with my wheelchair just at the end.....all vieuwers on the ring had given a loud "ooohhhhh" ....nearly my second  excellent ;-(

The start of the Agility-course was my fault, but the Game-course was again a very nice run of Joy!


Joy in action ( photo: Mirjam Bosdam)


Joep in action (photo: Erich Snijder)

20-07-2013   Hondenschool Lingewaard, Bemmel Benefiet
(www.hondenschoollingewaard.nl )

Oh, what a very hot weather, it was not easy to found some cool places, not for the dogs but also not for handlers!

The only good thing of this day..a lot of competitors had cancelled their entry....so we have finished early ;-)

Joy a third place on the Agility-Course with a nice rozet. Joep a very nice clear Jumping, but his time was not enough for a price !

Joy in action (photo: Erich Snijder)

07-07-2013   HSVA, Amersfoort  (competition Cynophilia)

Again only entry for Joy, the Veteran-classe for Joep was the day before...then we had given demonstrations on the "Dog-Day Erkemederstrand".

The weather was very hot, so they started with the Jumping (usual always start with Game-course). Three refusals because Joy was very enthousiast ;-)

The Game-course a Time- disqualification, but the Agility-course was very nice....just within  the SCT but only one fault...so not our second point we need for second level!

HSVA  Joy Agility -Course
(clik on for video)

08-06-2013   KC Uden, Uden  (competition Cynophilia)

Only entry with Joy into the A-classe large.

On the Jumping a nice clear-round, but on the Agility-course 1 fault.
The Game-course was also an Agility-course.... 2 faults.
But I was contented, Joy had run good!


11-05-2013   KC Amsterdam, Spaarndam  (competition Cynophilia)

Very bad weather, a lot of rain just the end of the day it became dry!

But a very good day, Joy  get her first "Uutje" (excellent) on the Agility-Course!!
Now we need two more and we will promote to the  B-classe (second level).
Even a cup we could take home!

KC Amsterdam Joy Agility-Course
(clik on for video)

Joep was also running into the Veteran-classe. A clear run on the Agility - and Jumping Course!

KC Amsterdam Joep Agility-Course
(clik on for video)


Joy running (photo: Mirjam Bosdam)

21-04-2013   KV Nieuwegein, Nieuwegein  (competitie Cynophilia)

I had entried Joep and Joy, but Joep had a little injury....so checked out.

Joy was running a very nice clear Game-Course but I make a mistake just before the last obstacle.......Disqualification ;-(

On her Agility-Course 3 faults but the Jumping was a clear round!

KV Nieuwegein Joy Jumping
(clik on for video)

13-04-2013   Utrechtse Rashondenvereniging, Utrecht  (competitie Cynophilia)

An evening- match with only an Agility- and Jumping Course for my young dog Joy into the A-classe.

Arjen van Gastel as  judge with nice courses.
Joy was running a clear Jumping but on the Agility Course a Disqualification....my fault, I was  push her the wrong way with my wheelchair ;-(....... but the rest she was running very nice!

Joy JUMPING URV 13-04-2013
(clik on for video)

10-03 & 07-04-2013 1e & 3e IMCA Selectie-wedstrijd, Bergen op Zoom ( www.imcanederland.nl)

As preparing our participation into the 12th PAWC in September this year in Hungary I had entry Joep and Joy on two selectionmatches of the Team IMCA of the Netherlands in the DIT-Hall. They have very good carpet, so a nice training!

The time for Standerd Course Time was very short , they had used the fastest time + 10 %...so for us not possible to run, we had many times a Time- Disqualification ;-(

But, in spite of the courses were not easy for me to drive with my electric wheelchair, also Joep as Joy had run nice runs !

30-03-2013  Dogwood Agility, Nieuwkuijk (competition Cynophilia)

A nice agilitymatch organised by Dogwood Agility.

Joep was running two courses into Veteran-classe  and Joy three courses into the A-classe with a nice result of a 5th place on the Game-Course...and a cup to take home!

On the jumping she was running a clear round with also time inside the SCT, so we could have points we need to come into the second level....but I had tap at (with my wheelchair) a jump and the board was falling.....

 Joy Jumping
(clik on for video)

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