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Joy in action


Joep, nearly 10 years old, still active in agility!


27-09-2014     De Vrije Sprong , s' Gravenzande 
(Joy large en Joep Vet.large)  cynophilia-competitie

With 2 dogs in 2  different rings is not easy, it can happen you have to start together with your 2 dogs at the same time...you have to make a choice which dog!

Joep was running a clear Agility-Course and a Jumping with 2 refusals  with judge Corrie Vink. For him the Game-course was invalid ;-(

DVS 27-09-2014 Joep Agility-Course
(click on for video)

Joy  had to run courses of Jan Langius, on the Agility-course just one fault, sadly because we  run into the SCT!

On the Jumping also 1 fault and by the game we have to forecast your running-time...we were very close ;-)


04 untill 07-09-2014  13th  ParAgility World Cup, Voghera in Italy ( Joy large and Joep Vet.large)


JOEP Worldchampion!!!!!!
 (click on)


 23-08-2014  Speed Bunschoten, Bunschoten ( Joy A-classe and Joep Vet.large) cynophilia-competition

Nearly a  home-match, only 13 minutes to drive by car.....so a little longer to sleep ;-)

Very bad weather, rain and thunderstorm so the match was many times stoped!
But the end of the day the sun was shining, so we could keep home dry our tent!

For Joy the Game-course was not very good, also the Agility- course. Again she was missing a contact on the see-saw, so I had make the choice to take this obstacle again...so disqualification ;-(

On the Jumping she was running a wonderful course but just the second to last  jump I make a little wrong movement with my wheelchair....for Joy enough to take the wrong obstacle;-(

Our time was within SCT....so a loud  oooooohhhhhhhhhhh of all the other competitors!

Speed Bunschoten 23-08-2014 Joy Jumping
(click on for video)


Even Joep was running today, he was very enthousiast. The Agility-course he just make a mistake on the second jump....I make the choice to start afresh and this had given a clear round.

Jumping also DK and the Game-course was at the same time I was running with Joy in the other course.

Speed Bunschoten 23-08-2014 Joep Agility-Course
(click on for video)


Joy on the agility-course, even the judge and me were laughing, but this was not the intention!
17-08-2014  KC Arnhem, Arnhem  (Joy A-Classe) cynophilia-competition 

On the agility-course one fault and later a refusal....it was not possible to do it agin with my wheelchair....so an DK.




On the Jumping a nice clear round, but not enough time...SCT was 34 seconds and we need 39....so not an "excellent".

A day with raining but also the sun was shining....a nice day with Joy.

Joy in action....spume on her  snout of the  stress;-)

10-08-2014  KC Gooi- en Eemland, Hilversum
  (Joy A-klasse) cynophilia-competitie 

An agilitymatch in Hilversum, not far of our home, just 30 minutes to drive!
Only the A-classe for Joy......so to try to get  the last  "excellent" we need.
The judge for today Ronald Mouwen, but he was replaced by
Nico Habermehl, a candidate judge, with not easy courses ;-)

On the Jumping not an "exellent" because one fault ;-( .......but enough time, our time 41 seconds and the SCT was 48.
Also an 6th place of the 25 competitors.

KC Gooi-and Eemland 10-08-2014 Joy Jumping

(click on for video)

On the Agility-course 10th place and on the Game-course an refusal, but a nice round!

KC Gooi-and  Eemland 10-08-2014 Joy Game
(click on for video)


28-06-2014 ProplanCup and Dutch Para-agility, Nieuwolda
(Joy A-classe and Joep Veteran-classe)

Early in the morning we drive to Sport Park the Boskamp in Nieuwolda, just a little more to drive of Groningen..so a long journey!

For the first time they had organised the Dutch Championship Para- Agility, total from the Netherlands 18 taking part dogs of competitors ParAgility World Cup (PAWC). I had entried Joep and Joy and Joep had run a  nice clear run on the Jumping and even on the Agility Course! This had given him the titel: Dutch Champion Para-Agility group 1 !!

Dutch Championship  Para-Agility 28-06-2014 Joep Agility Course

(click on for video)

Joy had make 2 faults on the Jumping and a Disqualification on her Agility-Course, so not a price ;-(

A very nice day, met some new competitors PAWC for the Netherlands!

Just go on to the PAWC in Italy!!


Joep with 2 nice medals and a cup for Dutch Champion Para-Agility!

Joy running her course with a lot of raining ;-(
( photo: Sharon Erenstein)

Joep going on to a clear round on the Agility-Course
( photo: Sharon Erenstein)

PAWC Team of the Netherlands on the Dutch Championship  Para-Agility 2014
(photo: John Dozeman)

cup with the logo PAWC Team the Netherlands

15-06-2014   KC Delft, Delft  (Joy A-classe and Joep Veteran-classe) cynophilia-competition

What a lovely weather and good location......so succes for a nice day ;-)

And YES.....on the Agility-Course Joy had run a clear run and became her 2th "excellend"...so just one to go and we can take part into the second level!

On the jumping also a nice run, but just one fault, nearly our 3th excellend....

KC Delft 15-06-2014 Joy Agility- Course
 (click on for video)

Joep was running on the Jumping a nice clear run!

KC Delft 15-06-2014 Joep Spel
 (click on for video)


11-05-2014   KC Amsterdam, Spaarndam
(Joy A-classe )  cynophilia-competition


What a very bad weather, but just  drive to Spaarndam.

Jacky Duncan of South Africa was being our guest and like to visit a Dutch Agilitymatch, she's also a judge in her Country.

When we arrived there was a lot of rain...rain and mud;-(

The 3th part of the match was canceled, because the grassfield was not passable anymore, sure not for me driving an electric wheelchair!

Joy had run a disqualification on the  agility-course but a nice run on the jumping.


Joy nice working forwards....go to the finish!

12-04-2014           KC Zoys, Amersfoort (Joy A-Classe) cynophilia-competition

An evening-agilitymatch for the A-Classe so entry for Joy.
Our first  agilitymatch after my hospital-visit last year!

A pleasant and relax agilitymatch and Joy had a nice clearly run on the Jumping, just two seconds more then the SCT, others we  became points ;-)

KC Zoys 12-04-2014 Joy Jumping
 (click on for video)

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