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Joy in action!

29-10-2016  KC Zoys, Amersfoort 

Joy was running large into the group of  2-3th  grade, two times Agility and one Jumping.
A very cosy day, lovely sunny weather, good organised...and nice runs !

Four weeks ago I had started a course of the new sport Hoopers with my young dog Jett.
On this day there was also a Hoopers-match organised and the trainers asked me to run a little Hoopers-course with Jett.

On the video the result...I was very proud of her, this is a nice start to the training of agility!!


Jett Hoopers-course KC Zoys 29-10-2016
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24-09-2016  KC Scheldezoom, Bergen op Zoom 
Joy B1 large Competition of  Raad van Beheer
(www.houdenvanhonden.nl )

Get up early, together Jennifer Batterink and Henk Nagel of dogschool KC Zoys. Sunny weather, nice courses created by judges   Michiel Lazeroms and Mark Fonteijn. We both,Joy and me, enjoyed very much with also a clear round on the Agility-course ;-)

KC Scheldezoom 24-09-2016 Joy VP
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My new personal-driver....Rally (dog of Jennifer) ;-))


25 untill 28 August  2016   
15th ParAgility World Championship,
 Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic 

 ( www.imca-pawc2016.cz )

I  had entried with both dogs Joep and Joy, but Joep died abruptly on 28 June....so Joy had to do by her own !


Jett, the puppy of nearly 4 months old, was traveling with us....so her first big journey and a lot of experience she will get ;-)


ready for our journey to Chech Republc!
On the firts day Joy reached 2th place on the first Jumping of the Championship.

On the second day, an Agility-course, the first result had given an 3th place for Joy...but the secretariat had forgitten to mention the fault. That's absolutely not fair and of course I had given report of this! This changed for us into a 6th place for this day.

Joy was running a very nice Jumping and became third on the podium for this last matchday. By this she won a bronze medal for Totall Result....so a podium-place ;-)

My little girl Jett, just 4 months old, was go with us on the Openings- and Closingsceremony of this PAWC.

What a nice meeting for her with the World Championship, we hope she will later take part a lot of years ;-)

Next year we will go to Austria and in 2017 United Kingdom, there Jett will make her debut!



video is coming!

10-07-2016  KC Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn
Open Classe match for Joy, judge Rudi Mauriks who had make very nice courses.
Joy started with a very nice clear round, but not on the other courses that day.

My young dog Jett (almost 3 months old) was with us, to taste the atmosphere of agility-match.
The weather was very hot...but that gives a lot of fun ;-)

23-07-2016   HSV Lingenwaard, Bemmel  

Open Classe match for Joy with judges Rob Balt and Gert Meerholz.

Nice but  spicy courses for me with the wheelchair...but as we always say:
" than the challenge is bigger  ";-)

13-08-2016   KC Gooi-en Eemland, Hilversum
Joy B1 large Competition of  Raad van Beheer (www.houdenvanhonden.nl )

The start, an Agility Course, a very nice run, in spite of a refusal on the weaves.
By Jumping and Gambling some faults, but with a good feeling direction home again!

  water-fun in Apeldoorn

Dutch  Championship Para-Agility, Holten 


For 3th time was organised the Dutch Championship Para-Agility, again on location Holten and together the agility-match " De Grote Prijs van het Oosten".
I had signed up with Joep as Veteran and Joy as large.

Judges for this competition Bart de Decker from Belgium and Peter Borsje from the Netherlands.
They will also judges on the IMCA & PAWC 2016 in Czech Republic.

Video NK Para-Agility
19-06-2016 in Holten

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Joy in action on the Dutch Competition  Para-Agility 2016
( photo's: Joke v.d.Molen)
Joy was running very nice courses, two Jumpings and one Agility-course, and this had given as result "Dutch Champion in the group of our disability ( electric wheelchairs). For Joep a  second place on the podium Totall Results, what a beautiful  action of my lovely dogs ;-)

What I didn't know at that time was that this was the last agility-run of Joep.

Even I had signed up Joep for the 15th PAWC in Czech Republic, that would be his final agility-run...but he died suddenly on 28 June ;-(

1th and 2th place Totall Results  (photo: Bert Doppenberg)

Joep in action on Dutch Championship Para-Agility 2016
(photo's :Joke v.d.Molen)



For Dutch Team PAWC will take part on the 15th ParAgility World Championship ( 25 untill 28 August) in Frydek-MIstek, Czech Republic,

Rob Barelds with Xzena                                                                                                       
Sharon Erenstein with Jig Saw        
Sarah van Leliveld with Sky                                                     
Susan Rekveld withJoy                                                                                                           
Margot Steifert- Lucking with Luna                                                                    
Erik van Stoeten with Chua and Craig
Corine Westveer with Morrey
Caroline Vink with Viktor

 Coaches/teamleader: Gerry and Jan Barelds, Verena Boom.

Promotie-video Dutch PAWC-Team 2016
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12-06-2016                             KC Zoys, Amersfoort (www.houdenvanhonden.nl )

For Joy the B1 large ( 2th grade) competition-match of  Raad van Beheer  with judge  Arjen van Gastel and Mark Fonteijn.

The Gamble a disqualification, but Jumping and Agility courses very good.



04-06-2016                             KC Zoys, Amersfoort

Mutual agility-match by KC Zoys, the dogschool where I'm training , and Joy entry for the match-group large. She had run nice courses.

Joep was just  recovered of a light injury, so for him only one course without competition, because he will take part into the Dutch Championship  Para-agility on 19 June.

08-05-2016                             Agility Friends, Animal Event , Hilvarenbeek  (www.animalevent.nl )

Joy signed up for the Open Classe on the agility-match organised by Agility Friends on Animal Event in Hilvarenbeek.

Judge Ron van Straten and on the both courses we have Disqualification......but I wasn't  discontented because on several  botthlenecks for me and my wheelchair we did succesfull.

Also a nice opportubnity  to show the para-agility for a big public ;-)

27-03-2016                             KC Canida Venlo, Venlo  (www.houdenvanhonden.nl )

Early get up to take part into the match of  Raad van Beheer in Venlo.

Two International judges, Peter Holmberg from Norway and Tamás Tráj from Hungary, both with interesting courses, but not easy ;-(

On the Game and Jumping courses we run Disqualification...but with a lot of very nice pieces ;-)

On the Agility-course we have a nice run with only one fault.....so 17th place of 50 competitors!


20-03-2016                             WIK, Zaandam (www.houdenvanhonden.nl )

With my young dog Joy we have take part into the Dutch Agility Competition by Raad van Beheer,in classe B1 large  (grade 2).

Judges for this match Ben Gráfe and Jurgen Smit.

Our first course, a Jumping, only a little fault, also on the Agility-course...but the second Jumping a nice claer round ;-)



20-02-2016   "Snertwedsdtrijd"  KC Zoys, Amersfoort ( www.kczoys.nl)    


Taking part into the Mutual- agilitymatch by KC Zoys, the club were I train with my dog Joy.
Joep into the Veteran-classe large and Joy into the large.

The weather forcoasting was very bath for this day...but we are lucky for the morning...later  we get a lot of rain ;-(
After the match a very nice buffet of different sort of soupe ;-)

Joy became 3th place Total Results in her group


Wintercompetition 2015/2016 WRAF  (www.hondencentrumwraf.nl )


On  22 November, 20 December 2015 and 10 Januari and 7 Februari 2016  was organised an winter- agility-competion by Dogcentrum WRAF in Zeewolde by Mandy van Gelder and Ernest (judge of the competition).

I was invited to take part with Joy and Joep. Joy was running without taking part into the competition, I'm training special with her and sometimes I  have to stop the match...but we had fun!

Joep was taking part as Veteran and became 3th place in Total Results.

Jolien Greuter and Noelle became first place and on sunday 21 Februari we all together go out for dinner and will treat her ;-)



Jolien Greuter with Noelle
Lianne Bezuijen with Vinnie
Jolien Bezuijen with Tazz
Mandy van Gelder with Chez-nous
Mandy van Laar with Jupiler
Jeanne Boesten with Tommie
Susan Rekveld with Joep and Joy



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