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Joy in action 13-08-2016

16th ParAgility World Championship, Tattendorf (Austria) 
( http://imca-pawc-austria.org/ )



Being hold from 24 untill 27-08-2017 and we took part with my oldest dog Joy in the classe Veteran large

 PAWC 2017 Tattendorf, Austria
( click on for video)



  first award for Jett!
KC Zoys, Amersfoort   03-06-2017 Club-matches ( BBQ)

Joy took part into the Veteran-classe and was running 3 nice courses.

Also inscribed my young dog Jett, but for the competition Hoopers! For her the first match and it would also be her last of competition Hoopers, because I had make the decission to stop with training Hoopers and only go on with training agility!

But she was lucky and get home with the price for second place Totall-Results ;-)




also time to have fun together ;-)
KC Uden, Volkel   05-06-2017 
(competition Raad van Beheer)

Judges  Kees Stoel and Willem-Alexander Kelders with challenging  courses !

On the Jumping a disqualification for Joy, but the other two courses only with one fault!





AKC Waterland, Purmerend   10-06-2017
(competition Raad van Beheer)

A competition-match with only one ring, so very sociability ;-)

Judge Michiel Lazeroms with nice courses.

Joy  became 5th on the agility-course, so very proud of her!

On the Jumping a clear round, but some time more then SCT ;-(


Dutch Champion   Para-Agility, Holten  11-06-2017

On sunday 11 Juni early drive to dogschool Boom in Holten where took place the Dutch Championship Para-Agility, organised by the coaches of the Dutch Para-agility Team:  Verena Boom and Nienke Dennenberg.

Totall 19 taking part dogs with their handlers with a disability.

Warm weather (so a lot water-tanks to give some cooling to the dogs) and of course very exciting!

Three courses to go, 2 x a Jumping, 1 x an Agility-course.

Joy her first and second course was clean...so the last one had to give a good result....and  also the last one was without faults!

There was another handler (Yvonne Dozeman) with also three clear rounds...time would give the winner.....

Joy had run the fast...she could go home as : Dutch Champion Para-agility 2017!


gladness by her last clear run ;-)

Jett, my youngest dog, could not take part, because her age is 14 months ( have to be 18 months old to start agility-matches).
Even not possible for her to start on the ParAgility World Championship (PAWC) being held in Austria from 24 until 27 August 2017.

Joy will take part and this year for the first time in the Veteran-classe.

Info PAWC 2017 : http://imca-pawc-austria.org


On de dogschool KC Pampus in Almere ( I'm training here every monday-evening) they surprised us with congratulations  and a big bunch of beautiful flowers!




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