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Jett on agility-match KC Rotterdam 15-04-2018



Willem Alexander en Connie in hun agility-hal
18-03-2018  HC Lingenwaard, Bemmel  ( www.hondenschoollingewaard.nl )


An Open agility-match and I had entry for Joy and Jett.

Joy running into the Veteran-classe large and Jett first grade large, judge Gert Meerholz.

The weather was so bad, the organisation had decided to organise the match in the Agility-Hall of Willem Alexander Kelders and Connie Bunnik in Kalkar (Germany).

A very nice hall and also a good training for my young dog Jett on carpet!

At that moment I didn't know...but this was the last taking part for Joy into agility ;-((

She became a bad injury on 19 april...


Last agility- match for Joy (18-03-2018
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15-04-2018                                    KC Rotterdam, Bergschenhoek 
( Raad van Beheer)

For Jett her first taking part into an official agility-match of the Dutch Competition, first grade large!

Judge Jurgen Smit, which always for first grade make nice courses!
For Jett for all three courses a disqualification...but with very good parts into the courses ;-)

A nice experience  for her and I was happy with her stay still and wait by the starts ;-))

why I have to stay and wait...why we go not together ??


28-04-2018                IMCA-selection, Agility-hall,  Hoogerheide    

One of the selection-matches for the Dutch Team for IMCA, who will take part into the IMCA&PAWC  2018 in Huntingdon, United Kingdom.

Also a competion-match of the Dutch Competition for the first grade, judge Hilda Schriek.

For Jett nice to have more experience on carpet!


A very nice Agility-Hall, owner Wendy Willemse
( www.wwindoor4all.nl )



23 until  26-08-2018 

ParAgility World Championship, Huntingdon (United Kingdom)


Because of my oldest dog Joy was not taking part ( she had a bad injury on 19-04-2018 and for her it is not possible anymore to practise agility ;-(

I'm one of the organisers of the IMCA&PAWC, so had to go to Huntingdon...why not entry my young dog Jett and give her the feeling of a Worldchampionship!

I know she was not  quit ready for this.....but a good preparation for next year!

Taking part Jett into PAWC 2018 in Huntingdon  (United Kingdom)
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  Dutch IMCA & PAWC Team going to the Openings-ceremony

Jett in action on PAWC 2018
                          guarding by  New Castle ;-)


but also nice runs on the beach!


For Joy her last price of agility!
KC Zoys, Amersfoort ( www.kczoys.nl )


Club-matches by  KC Zoys, I'm training here every friday-evening.

Matches on 18 Februari, 21 July and 20 October on their trainingsfield on the Heiligenbergerweg in Amersfoort.

Joy was only running the match on 18 Februari, but became first Overall of the competion-group...so a nice last Result of her agility-career!



Jett took place in the group of starters, a nice training!

For this group short courses, with 10-12 obstacles and on 18 Februari she became first Totall-Result.....reason the other dogs in her group have more disqualifications ;-)

Other matches without good results, but with  a lot of nice parts in the courses!

Jett her first price of agility!


Utrechtse Rashonden Vereniging, Utrecht ( www.kcurv.nl )


On dogschool URV in Utrecht (I'm training with Jett every thursday)  entried for the club-matches on 29 April, 1 July, 1 October and the last on 21 October.

Jett was running into the group match-runners...a little to high level for her, but a good way to have extra training!

Some disqualifications...but also some courses with only  faults...so we make progress ;-)



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