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pick up the post

Joep (my youngest dog) is just as my first dog Cindy and Quita my oldest dog registrated as a servicedog in our municipality Amersfoort where Hoogland (the little town we live) belong to.

This means that my dogs can go with me into the shops and  the citycentre of Amersfoort, normally forbidden for dogs.

Also they can walk free on places where it's  forbidden to let out dogs. 
And they can accompany  me into the wheelchair-taxi.

close a door

At the  begin of October Joep have done an examiniation successful as servicedog by the Foundation Personal Servicedogs in Tweede Exloërmond, a training-school special for assistencedogs,
Now he's registrated and because this Foundation is joined by   Assistance Dogs Europe  we can call him a servicedog International!
This means also when we go by aeroplane he can go with me into the cabin.

Joep assist me with:

* open / close a door
* open/ close  kitchen-cupboard
* taking off my coat/ clothes
* pick up/ give everything like:   - post
                                                  - objects of metal ( example bunch of keys/ knife)
                                                  - foodstuffs (example meats and sausages/ fruit)
                                                  - coins
* clothes in and out the washing-machine
* give the purse to the cassier in shops
* get out purchases of a shopping bag (example milk / dogbiscuits/ tin of drinks)
But also walk nicely close near the wheelchair, on the right and left side, even on the road with trafic.
Of course always behave very good, even when we meet other dogs or cats and not pick-up (without a command) eatable things on the ground (example a piece of bread).

Joep on his 1th  demonstration as a service-dog,
helping take off my coat  (photo: Rude Vandenberghe)


JOEP demonstration servicedog Utrecht 2008
(click on for video)

Reports about demonstrations servicedog on the page: Reports  Matches/ Demonstrations


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