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 he was very young, but he  likes the tube tunnel very much!


August 2005 we had started agility -training with Joep, he was 10 months old.

Of course he was very young, but I believe when you go to start a training responsible, a young dog can learn a lot.

You can make a start to learn the tube-tunnel and flat-tunnel, very low the jumps and tyre, short the long-jump and make a begin of the weaving poles.

These obstacles for jumping I have at home and on a little field behind my house we can  train....... very primitive....but we have fun!

Also with a young dog you can make a start with  training : forwards....left....right..

very primitive, but he likes this tyre                                                   and the tube-tunnel is always fun!


Joep have to learn a lot, but he's very enthousiast!

I think we will have a good time together in agility!    



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